Deadite form

The Woman From The Bar was the first Deadite Ash Williams encountered in 30 years after returning from The Cabin and 1300 AD. She was portrayed by Jennifer Freed.


When Ash visits the local bar for some drinking and good time he notices this woman sitting by the table, alone. He flirts with her, telling her some lies in order to get into her panties. Ash's wooing skills work and the two engage in a quickie in the bathroom. Their sex is interrupted when Ash has a vision and sees the woman as a deadite, scaring him. This is all due to the recently released evil from the Necronomicon. He leaves her and returns to his Trailer.



  • In the original script for the pilot episode of Ash vs Evil Dead, the woman was identified as "Lucy", a recovering addict (it's never specified what she was addicted to) who is "rescued" from Ash by her sponsor, an older man named Garland. She never temporarily becomes a Deadite in the original script (although her and Ash still have sex in the bathroom).
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