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"Water, Water, Everywhere..." is the 19th issue in Dynamite Entertainment's second volume of Army of Darkness comics. It is a follow-up to the Hellbillies and Deadnecks story-arc.


The story picks up where Ash has tracked down a truck that is hauling water bottles to Middletown, West Virginia, that contained water contaminated with "Pure Evil", and gets a job in a distribution plant where the bottles are being held to destroy them without anyone noticing. His mission is sidetracked when he meets Georgia, a beautiful redhead who Ash thinks is the must beautiful woman he has seen since Shelia, and begins dating her and eventually moves in with. Ash finds himself tired after sex with Georgia, but thinks nothing of it at the time. Back at work in the plant, Ash finds out that 11 workers have gone missing over the past month, and with the help of the computer guy of the plant, Ash finds the contaminated water bottles. He pours them into a cement mixer, and creates a cement deadite who thinks they can defeat Ash, but Ash tells it he knew better and used quick drying cement and uses a jackhammer to turn the monster into dust. Ash comes home to find a monster standing over a dead Georgia in the basement, but realizes that its not Georgia on the floor, but that Georgia is the monster. She is a Succubus that steals life essences from people through sex, and has been feeding from the powerful life essence of Ash because he is a Chosen One and occasionally snacking from his co-workers at the distribution plant. Ash shoots a hole in the rotted floor of the basement and leaves her to die from impalement on a sharp piece of wood from the floor. Ash packs up and leaves Middletown with a broken heart.

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