ValueStop was the supermarket that Ash Williams, Kelly Maxwell, and Pablo Bolivar worked at. The store was introduced in the first episode of Ash vs Evil Dead: El Jefe.

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Ash stands in the stockroom of ValueStop.

After returning from his battles againts the deadites, Ash started working in this store. He made friends with fellow employees, Kelly and Pablo. The owner of the store, Mr. Roper, was a mean and bossy person who often demanded extra working hours from his workers. While employed at the store, Ash frequently skipped work and used his pet lizard, Eli, to get out of working full days.

During the events of El Jefe, Ash visits the ValueStop shortly after releasing the evil force from the Necronomicon. The unstopable force follows him there too and turns a Little Lori doll alive, which soon attacks Ash. The store is then left abandoned when all of its employees either leave it or gets killed.

Notable Employees Edit

  • Ash Williams: Sometime after returning from 1300 AD, Ash became a stockboy at ValueStop.
  • Kelly Maxwell: Shortly before Ash accidentally unleashed the evil forces that he spent 30 years hiding from, Kelly became new member of the ValueStop team, as indicated by her nametag that read Trainee.
  • Pablo Bolivar: Ash's only friend at ValueStop. When he aided Ash in his fight with a living Little Lori doll in ValueStop's backroom, he decided that he wanted to help "El Jefe" and take down the forces of evil.
  • Mr. Roper: The (former) manager of the ValueStop where Ash, Pablo, and Kelly worked. While standing outside of his store, he was attacked by the Kandarian Demon and became a Deadite. He was later killed by Ash and Pablo while they were on their way to Kelly's house.

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Trivia Edit

  • ValueStop is the Ash vs Evil Dead equivalent to S-Mart.
  • In the original script for the pilot episode of Ash vs Evil Dead, ValueStop was called Ted's Club Superstore.