I plan on making a review on all the episodes in the series, but I will start with the most recent. WARNING SPOILER ALERT.

Like all the episodes so far, its brilliant, its totally evil dead and Ted Raimi was on form as Henrietta....I nearly died at the milk scene.

Baal was hilirious as well, or should I say "Bill"? Obviously he wasn't going to fight fair.

Ellen Sandweiss makes a return as Cheryl once again, though sadly only too briefly.

Basically the premise is where the last episode left off, Ash and Tanya trapped in the basement of the cabin in the year 1982, Ash and co travelled back in time to find a way to resurrect Pablo. Tanya is killed by Henrietta and Ash briefly escapes the celler just in time to bumb into the 1980 version of Ruby before being dragged into the celler for another fight with his old nemesis. Its very back and forth and even stooge like with Ash poking Henrietta in the eyes, the fight then becomes sadistically and humorously immature with the deadite forcing Ash to drink her milk and Ash kicks Henrietta in her privates only to get his foot stuck. With a homage to Dead by Dawn. Henrietta morphs into her snake head form and after some back and forth, Ash decapitates her.

After Ash left the celler, he bumps into two Rubys, after small words are exchanged, 80's Ruby mortally wounds the present Ruby, and later decapitats her. Ash gets his a new hand but due to the ever annoying "status quo" he loses it again later. The "Bill" and Ash fight is hilirious, seeing the big bad mind screwing Demon trying to fight without his powers is just awesome in its humor. Joel Tobeck's permformance really sells it. The fight is of course, a bet to see which of them could beat each other up with the prize being exile to hell for Bill, Ruby and their children if he loses, and hell on earth if Ash loses. Ruby, unwilling to put her life in Bill's hands for the sake of his ego, alters the deal.

The ending which shows Pablo alive and then everyone back in the present timeline is the weakest part, firstly because its so sudden with no build up, and the fact for some strange and unexplained reason, everyone remembers what happened in episode six and that fact that Brock, Chet and Cheryl are still dead when techincally they should now be alive. I will get into this in a min.

My thoughts:

Definitely a highlight of the episode is the Henrietta fight, Henrietta is up there with Cheryl as my favorite Deadite and probably are the best and most iconic Deadites. Apparently according to one of the aftershows, "AfterAsh" the milk scene was Ted Raimi's idea which I find very amusing consider that he like Bruce is known to get tormented by Sam and probably Rob.

Bill and Ash fight is another highlight, funny as hell and complete with actual chainsaw fight that defies logic but in an ok rule of cool style. Joel is just awesome as Bill.

Overall it is a good episode but has its flaws. 

I personally found the parade at the end a bit too sudden and over the top, especially for someone who merely killed one demon and cleared his name in front of small number of townfolk, he hardy saved them all.

Ash's stupidity can be completely outlandish at times, its like he is getting brief moments of ever exceeding levels of stupidity each time and while occasional stupidity is a character trait of his that I do enjoy , especially in his personal life, it has gone over the top at times and when it comes to deadites and demons, he is atleastsupposed to be competent and not easily fooled, basically this comment is coming from the part where Bill basically makes himself look like Chet in the middle of their fight and somehow Ash is completely fooled even though he was previously smart enough to not be fooled by Cheryl, Henrietta and Kelly's mother.

Time Travel.

The first time travel that happened in the series DBD/AOD turned out to be a stable time loop, the evil in the middles ages would not have happened if it wasn;t sent there and obviously the book and dagger found by Knowby would not be discovered if Ash didn't acquire the book in AOD. 

But this time, time travel seems to be illogical. When the concept reappeared in episode nine, I was under the assumption that Ash was somehow going to be dealing/causing the events that lead to Knowby's death or Henrietta getting buried rather dismembered (on order for another stable time loop to happen), but Ash's interference causes drastic changes as he now set things in motion that results in his young self never going to the cabin because it gets destroyed, and thus alters the entire timeline, meaning supposedly the events of Evil Dead never happened and thus nor the sequels and as a consequence Ash never had the book to accidentally cause the events in the first series.


That Cheryl and his friends should be alive and well, and so should Brock and Chet since the events that followed the first series would never have happened....but they still dead and the town still remembers Ash's deeds.

A reviewer from another site is belwildered by this too.

One commentor does make a point though, that the reason everything is the same is because even though Ash altered the future of the timeline he went back into, the present he returned to was actually the original timeline. Basically the theory of multiverses at work.

All in all, this was a very good episode, its just my logical thinking can get in the way sometimes but that said even Evil Dead does still need some rules otherwise the viewers will end up in a straitjacket themselves. Multiverse

Going back to the multiverse theory though... while that does indeed explain somethings and I can buy it, but it doesn't explain that if Ash didn't actually change "his" timeline then why did he get a new hand? and why did Pablo's original body got restored? Both Ash losing his hand and Pablo's bisection happened in the "original" timeline, if these events were not changed due to multiverse then why does these two have physical changes?

Alternate Ending

Apparently, there was supposed to be a different ending which involved Ash having sex with someone who turned out to be Kelly's mother but disagreements behind the scenes changed that.

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