Would anybody reading this Wiki be interested in reading reviews about the various Evil Dead comic books from over the years? I've been reading the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness books for years now and I've always been a bit disappointed to see that there's no real in-depth review of any of them, just quick little pieces in blogs or forums that mainly focus on superhero books, hell, even big Evil Dead fan sites like or Book of The doesn't even have reviews for them. As someone who has read every Evil Dead comic out as of the time I'm writing this, these books often go unnoticed to the average Evil Dead fan, although I must admit I'm not surprised. In a survey I did about Evil Dead fans several months ago, the respondents were asked the question "Have You Ever Read Any of The Evil Dead/Army of Darkness Comic Books", and 20 (21.9%) out of the 93 people who answered the question had no idea they even existed. Anyway, back to the topic of doing reviews, I don't know how long they would be or how frequently they would come out, but I'd like to release one or two a month. If anyone would be interested in a comic review series of blogs from me, leave me a comment and let me know.

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