Can you spot the two odd Ashes?

Yesterday as I was updating the “Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness ” page, I couldn’t help but notice something in the “A Cover” to the upcoming fifth issue of the series: two Ash’s that seemed… different from the others. I knew I had seen these Ashes in these poses before in another comic, so I dug through my comic collection until I found what I was looking for: Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Evil Ed #2 and the Revenge of Jack The Ripper one-shot.
RevEvilEd 02

Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Evil Ed #2 (from Space Goat Publishing)


Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Jack The Ripper one-shot (from Space Goat Publishing)

After five minutes of cropping Ashes in Photoshop, I placed the two into the “Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness” cover and confirmed my suspicions: Brent Schoonover (the cover artist of “AvsAOD” #5) had swiped these Ashes from Space Goat’s Evil Dead 2 books. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, swiping is when a comic book artist traces over a character, panel, or page from another artist in another book and not giving credit to the artist stolen from.

Now, I feel the need to clarify that there is a big difference between swiping and taking inspiration from another artist: this Todd McFarlane Amazing Spider-Man cover is paying homage to the iconic Action Comics #1 by Joe Shuster. This is not a swipe since McFarlane drew the cover in his own style from and credits Shuster in the lower left corner of the cover. A good example of a swipe is this Hawkman artist “borrowing” a scene from a Flash Gordon comic from years prior, tracing over the characters and changing small details such as the costumes and the background, which similar to what Mr. Schoonover has done with the two Evil Dead 2 covers except he’s tried to make them more like his artistic style (making the Ash from the Jack The Ripper cover more “simple”, less detailed) and turned them into Deadites.

To wrap things up: this doesn't discourage me from buying the issue when it comes out this November, in fact, I'll probably pick up this cover in particular since I've got all the other Schoonover covers from Issue 2 onward. The only thing that bothers me is the respective artist from the Evil Dead 2 books who drew these Ashes probably won't get credit for it... or prehaps they will. We'll just have to wait until November...


Five minutes in Photoshop later...

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