Hello, I'm The Cruentus, and welcome to my Profile page!

Ash being tormented

20x20px I am an Administrator.

My name is The Cruentus and I began editing this wiki in november 2015, I have since adopted the wiki with the intention of helping this wiki florish. Evil Dead has always been a favourite franchise of mine and it would make me happy to help a wiki devoted to it. I also plan on creating more user-rights and a group dedicated to helping the wiki. I also like to make sure everyone understands and abides by the policy and rules of this site.

Don't forget to visit my message wall if you have any enquires about something or need to report other members, frequent vandalism and other attacks to pages.

Current status: ACTIVE USER

The To-Do List

  • Fill out novel, games and comic characters pages.
  • Add more character pages that are currently red linked.
  • Delete unncessary or duplicate pages.
  • Clean up wiki.
  • Review policies.
  • Establish a team of admins.
  • expand the community.
  • Make a poll or a blog to determine if we should use message walls or talk pages.
  • Same as the above but with articles, comment box vs talk page..
  • Add more photos and details of Ash vs Evil Dead.

Wiki rules

I will be making a page for this should the evil dead wiki lack one.

  • Respecting others: Treat others like the way you want to be treated and always respect their opinions, not everyone thinks the same way as you.
  • Edit pages not people: Though editing articles is acceptable and encouraged, editing the signed words of another editor on a talk page or other discussion page is generally not acceptable, as it can alter the meaning of the original comment and misrepresent the original editor's thoughts. Avoid editing another editor's comments unless necessary.
  • If someone disagrees with you, this does not necessarily mean that the person hates you, that the person thinks that you are stupid, that the person is stupid, or that the person is mean. When people post opinions without practical implications for the article, it is best to just leave them alone. What you think is not necessarily right or necessarily wrong—a common example of this is religion. Before you think about insulting someone's views, think about what would happen if they insulted yours. Remember that anything written on Wikipedia is kept permanently, even if it is not visible.
  • Do not edit war: This rule goes without saying but to those who don't know, it is recommended that members create a talk page or use the comment boxes instead of reverting or reinstating edits.
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