• AvEDS3WidePoster
    Hey man, I was thinking about creating a new background image for the Wikia based on the new AvED Season 3 poster. I figured since Season 2 has been over for awhile it might be time for a new image. Just wanted to ask you first before I spent some time making it and since you would have to be the guy to install it.
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    • No problem, have at it. Sorry for late reply as well. I am excited for season 3 but considering the odd end to season two, I wonder how its going to affect the series.

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    • Thanks, man, but while waiting for a reply, I whipped up another¬†background based on the new Ash and Ruby promos that came out a few days ago. See which one you like, and if you want anything changed on them, let me know.
      AvEDS3Background EDWiki
      AvEDS3ToolBackground EDWiki
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