• I know you said you didn't want to be an admin but I have given you at least content mod status as that way you won't have to rely on me to lock or delete pages as due to my busy schedule keeping me away, my activity here is less than ideal. You will now be able to do it. You will also be able to rollback pages in the event of serious vandalism.

    Rollback differs from reverting/undoing in that rather than undoing a single edit, it will revert to the last user who edited before the one you are reverting. Also rollbacks don't show up in recent activity nor does the edit/vandalism you rollbacked, it essentially wipes their activity from the feed, denying them any attention.

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    • Thanks you. I'm sorry I haven't been editing here for awhile, I've been working on other Wikis, mostly the Dynamite Entertainment Wiki, adding Army of Darkness Comics stuff, that and there's not a whole lot going with the Evil Dead franchise between AvED seasons (except the comics, but even those are starting to become more scarce). I'll do my best to try to keep this place in tip-top shape if you're not around. Thanks you once again.

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