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Thomas Emery is the sheriff of Elk Grove, husband of Linda and father to Lacey Emery. Thomas is a secondary antagonist during the second season of Ash vs Evil Dead and was portrayed by Stephen Lovatt.


Ash, Thomas, Linda, and Chet all went to high school together. Thomas was the nerd in school and was bullied by Ash and Chet. Once he graduated, he went into law enforcement.

Sometime after Ash and his friends never returned from a weekend trip, Linda Emery married Thomas and together they had a daughter, Lacey Emery.

It is revealed that Thomas still holds grudges against Ash and Chet for bullying him during their high school years, and never letting him live down an incident in where wet himself, however the sheriff directly blames Ash for this because Ash had apparently leaned on the door to the toilet, preventing him from going to the toilet.

After Ash arrived in town, Thomas noted the strange events in town that had occured after Ash's arrival and tracks him to the morgue to investigate, however, Kelly Maxwell confronts and knocks him out when he tries to get past her.


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  • Stephen Lovatt has played another character for STARZ before, he played the evil Tullious in Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.