The Wise Man was a sorcerer living in 1300 AD and a assistant to Lord Arthur and Ash Williams.

He first appeared in Ash and the Army of Darkness #1.


This version of The Wise Man's history is similar to his film counterpart's, up until shortly after Ash Williams left 1300 AD.

Becoming Leader of The Deadites

After Ash left Castle Kandar to return to the future, The Wise Man made the mistake of reading from the Necronomicon out loud, summoning the Kandarian Demon. The Demon overpowered the Wise Man, and he became a Deadite. At some point shortly after becoming a Deadite, The Wise Man created a new army of the dead. This army managed to overpower the combined armies of Lord Arthur and Henry The Red, and forced the two leaders into hiding. Shortly after these events, he lost his copy of the Necronomicon.

Summoning The Chosen One

Wanting the Necronomicon back in his possession, The Wise Man managed to summon Ash Williams back into 1300 AD, and demanded that he go on another quest for the Necronomicon. When Ash refused, The Wise Man took him back to his private castle and tortured Ash by making him kill his dead girlfriend from the future again. Ash was eventually rescued by Sheila and a cult that worshipped The Chosen One. Ash and Sheila eventually found the Necronomicon before The Wise Man, and used it to turn him human again, unfortunate at the price of the spirit moving from The Wise Man's body to Sheila's.

Against The Faceless Man

Shortly after Ash saved and proposed to Sheila, The Wise Man assisted the couple in fighting a demon known as The Faceless Man. When The Faceless Man was defeated, The Wise Man acted as the minister at the wedding of Ash and Sheila.

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