Ash battle against the queen.

The Queen, also known as Necromancer Queen, is monster and the second boss in the game, Evil Dead Regeneration.

Battle with the King

Ash and Sam encounter the Queen while searching for the portal in the catacombs that needs to be closed. As Sam prepares to say the incantation to close it, the Evil Force enters a large tomb in front of the portal, which suddenly explodes as the Queen makes her appearance. Undaunted, Ash draws his boomstick and states "Alright, if that's the way you want it...come get some!"

The Queen's attacks include been able to summon groups of bony spikes from the ground, throwing flaming skulls at Ash, unleashing an energy shockwave and summoning a group of four skeletons to attack Ash and Sam. Despite this, the Queen eventually is defeated by Ash. As Sam begins the incantation to close the portal, the evil force within the Queen emerges and temporarily possesses Ash - turning him into Evil Ash. Ash is able to regain control, however, and is told by Professor Knowby's spirit that with every enemy Ash defeats, it will strengthen the evil within him and allow him to use his Evil self against his foes.

Other Information

- The Queen first makes an appearance in a cinematic scene where Sally Bowline (Ash's lawyer) is reading Professor Knowby's diary. The image of the Queen can be seen on one of the pages.

- The Queen is similar in appearance to Trisha's deadite form in Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick