Pit Deadite I

Sometime in the 1300s, the incorporeal force known as the Kandarian Demon was free to roam the world and possess at will, the resulting Deadites plagued the lands of Arthur and Henry The Red. At some point Arthur had a pit dug and installed a functional spiked fence, and through unknown means captured two possessed individuals and had them placed within the pit. One of which was a female, who took on a witch-like appearance as a Deadite, the other was of undeterminate gender due to its much more monstrous appearance.

Arthur's enemies would usually be thrown into the pits where they would be brutally killed, in one known case, a fountain of the victim's blood erupted from the pit, horrifying the villagers.

Events of Army of Darkness

Ash Williams, who had just fallen from the skies due to the time rift arrived while Henry the red was being subdued by Arthur's army. Assuming that Ash was one of Henry's men and ignoring the The Wise Man's counsel, Arthur has him captured, both men are brought to the pit and wittness the death of two of Henry's men, Ash is then thrown into the pit where he faces off against the witch deadite who proceeds to humorously punch him rather than outright kill him. The deadite manages to knock Ash into the water and performs acrobatics before landing between Ash's legs. Ash then flips the Deadite using his legs. seeing this, Arthur has his men activate the spikes. Ash and the Deadite then grapple briefly before Ash manages to flip the possessed woman into the spikes to little effect. The wise man arrives and throws Ash his chainsaw, which he uses to decapitate the Deadite.

While trying to escape the pit, Ash awakens another Deadite, much more demonic than the previous, while backing away from it Ash manages to saw its hand off which flies out of pit and hits a villager in the face to the amusement of the others. Ash uses his belt to pull himself out of the pit which nearly fails as the second Deadites grabbed his leg, threatening to pull him back down. After exchanging words with the villagers concering his "boomstick", Ash turns to fire at the second Deadite, hitting the chain it had used to pull itself out of the pit, Ash shoots it a second time knocking the Deadite back into the pit.


  • As it wasn't dismembered or severely damaged, the second Deadite was likely to still be "alive" in the pit.


Pit Deadite II

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