The Oldsmobile as seen in Evil Dead II (1987).


The Oldsmobile is pulled back in time in Evil Dead II (1987).

The Oldsmobile is Ash's choice of travel in all three Evil Dead movies. It is a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale. The car was pulled back in time with Ash at the end of Evil Dead 2 and is repaired/modified for combat in Army of Darkness.

Role In The Evil Dead Series

The Evil Dead

The Oldsmobile is mostly seen at the beginning of the film, and driven by Scotty to the Cabin. Later in the film, after being attacked by the woods themselves, Cheryl has her brother Ash drive her back to the closest town to stay there instead of the Cabin. The trip is brought to an end when the only bridge across the river is destroyed.

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn

After breaking free of the Deadites' control, Ash gets in his car and once again tries to drive away from the Cabin. Apparently he forgets that the bridge was taken out by The Evil that was unleashed the previous night, and drives back to the Cabin once The Unseen Force chases him. Once back at the Cabin, Ash is pulled through the windshield of the Oldsmobile, sending glass everywhere. At the end of the film, the car and Ash are sucked into 1300 AD by mistake, setting up Army of Darkness.

Army of Darkness

The Oldsmobile is first dropped alongside Ash at the beginning of the film and is damaged from the fall. It is thought of as strange armor to Arthur's knights, who start to poke it with their swords. It is later found and pulled by the remainder of the knights to the castle and then fixed up by Ash and The Blacksmith before the battle against the Deadites. Ash adds a spinning propeller and extra armor to the car before destroying countless Deadites in the battle. The car is finally destroyed when Ash sees Sheila and causes it to crash as he gets out.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Season One


The Oldsmobile is hooked up to Ash's Trailer in Ash vs Evil Dead (2015-Present).

The Oldsmobile is revealed to still be Ash's main form transportation 30 years after the weekend in the Cabin and trip to 1300 AD, although it is unclear if it the same car since Ash mentions having only a few more payments to make until he owned it (although a montage in season two implies that it is the very same car Ash had used 30 years ago). Ash, Kelly, and Pablo use the Oldsmobile as their transportation on their journey to stop the Evil that Ash has accidentally unleashed.

Season Two

Ash returns to his hometown of Elk Grove only to have his car and the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis stolen from him by a gang of youths. One of them finds the book and reads from the notes place in the book and once again the Kandarian Demon is unleashed again. The demonic force possess the reader and the Oldsmobile itself, turning it into a demonic car that chases down the gang members and kills them one at a time in a gory and sadistic fashion.

Season Three

In the finale of Season Three, Ash wakes up in a bunker in the future and after meeting Lexx, sees the Oldsmobile, it being modified heavily to mount several guns and a bulldozer at the front.

Evil Dead (2013) Oldsmobile


Mia Allen sits on a broken down 1974 Oldsmobile Delta 88 in Evil Dead (2013).

The rusted Oldsmobile featured in Evil Dead is not the same car featured in the other Evil Dead films. The car seen in the 2013 film is actually a 1974 Oldsmobile Delta 88, not a 1973.

Outside Of The Films And Television Series


Ash is reunited with The Oldsmobile in Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched #2.

2004-2013, 2016-Ongoing Comic Book Continuity

The Oldsmobile returns to the present day with Ash after the events of Army of Darkness. A notable event happening to the car is Ash driving it into Jason Voorhees during the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash crossover, knocking him into a frozen Crystal Lake. After 5 years, the car eventually returns to comics in Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash.

2013-2015 Comic Book Continuity

Ash apparently left his destroyed Oldsmobile in 1300 AD. After unwillingly returning to 1300 AD (and deciding on staying for Sheila), The Wise Man shows Ash that his car was reconstructed from memory to once again be The Deathcoaster.


  • Located in the trunk of the Oldsmobile in Army of Darkness include:
    1. Lots of rope
    2. A gasoline tank
    3. A 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola
    4. A red toolbox
    5. Chemistry 101 by Bernard Garnell
    6. A hand saw
    7. Steam Power
    8. A Fangoria magazine
    9. Shotgun shells
    10. Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special
  • The items in the trunk listed above were actually objects Raimi had there already, and not product placement.
  • The Oldsmobile has appeared in almost all of Sam Raimi's films.
  • The Oldsmobile seen in The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, some parts of Army of Darkness, and Ash vs Evil Dead personally belongs to Sam Raimi.
  • Bruce Campbell often says that the reason Sam Raimi puts the Oldsmobile in all of his movies is because Sam lost his virginity in it.
  • The Oldsmobile has at least three "stunt doubles" Sam Raimi uses for outrageous scenes in his films, such as dropping it from the sky (Evil Dead II), and modifying it to be a Deadite killing machine (Army of Darkness).
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