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This is about the cabin owned by the Knowby family featured in the original Evil Dead Trilogy. You might be looking for the Allen Cabin from the 2013 Evil Dead film.

She's a cruel, cruel, bitch.
~ Ash Williams

The Cabin as seen in Evil Dead II.

The Cabin, as seen from behind Linda's grave in Evil Dead II.

The Knowby Cabin (often shortened to "The Cabin"), and the property surrounding it, was located in the state of Michigan (In the original The Evil Dead, the cabin was established as being in Tennessee,) and was owned by Professor Raymond Knowby and his family. Following Raymond's accidental unleashing of the Kandarian Demon in the woods after his discovery of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, The Cabin was the central location for a series of supernatural-related events that resulted in the possessions (and eventual deaths) of several people during what was going to be a relaxing weekend trip.

The Knowby Cabin first appeared in the 1981 film The Evil Dead, where it was the main setting.


Pre-Knowby Ownership

Almost nothing is known about the Cabin prior to it's ownership by the Knowby family, though it was presumably built sometime in the early to mid-20th Century.

Under The Ownership of The Knowbys

It's unclear if Raymond Knowby inherited or purchased the cabin and the surrounding property, or when exactly he came to assume ownership of it, though it was in his possession by the 1980s. The property was barely used by the Knowbys, leading many locals to believe that it was either abandoned or available for rent.

Evil Unleashed

After returning from the ruins of Castle Kandar with the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, Raymond and his wife Henrietta retreated to their cabin in the woods so Raymond could translate the book in peace. It was during one of these translation sessions that Raymond accidentally unleashed a Kandarian Demon on his property, it's first victim being Henrietta Knowby. Raymond eventually managed to subdue the possessed Henrietta, and buried her in the cabin's fruit cellar.

A week later, a group of five friends took a trip to the cabin. One of the members of this group, a man named Scotty, mistakenly claimed that the cabin was a rental. Shortly after their arrival, the group accidentally re-awakened the Kandarian Demon while playing back a recording of Raymond's translations. Over the course of two nights, only one member of the group would remain, Ash Williams, who managed to kill the undead creatures that had been created by the Kandarian Demon.

"The Living Cabin"

During the two nights spent at the cabin by Ash Williams, the cabin would seemingly "come to life" several times, primarily during his second night. In one instance, a shotgun blast to one of the walls unleashed a horizontal geyser of red and black blood. Shortly after the "blood flood", all objects in the main living room (such as lamps, cabinets, books, and a mounted deer head) began to laugh and move around on their own.

30 Years Later

More than three decades after his initial visit, Ash Williams would return to the cabin in an attempt to stop evil once and for all. It appeared that over the years, parts of the cabin had seemingly repaired itself (such as the trap door into the fruit cellar, which Williams cut in half during the second night). At one point, the cabin itself fought against Kelly Maxwell, whom the cabin had locked outside to prevent her from aiding Ash. The events revealed that the cabin itself had long been under the possession of evil, explaining why the cabin is able to seemingly repair itself.

History Altered

Not too long after his return trip to the cabin, Ash Williams (along with the accompaniment of Kelly Maxwell, Ruby, and the corpse of Pablo Simon Bolivar) traveled back in time to the 1980s to take the book out of the cabin to prevent his younger self from ever finding it in the first place. While in the past, Williams and the others encountered Ruby's 1980s counterpart and the Demon known as Baal. After defeating the two demons, Ash and Kelly fled as the cabin burst into flames, burning down into nothing but charred wooden boards and ashes.

Returning to an altered "present", Kelly Maxwell and Pablo would return to the former site of the cabin, finding various remnants of objects that once decorated the cabin's interior.


There are a total of five rooms inside the main cabin:

  • The Living Room/Den
  • Bedroom 1 (used by Scotty and Shelly, later where Professor Knowby's ghost appeared)
  • Bedroom 2/Recreational Room (Cheryl's room, also contains a piano)
  • The Kitchen/Dining Room
  • The Bathroom
    • A "U" shaped hallway wraps around the bathroom, which can either be accessed from the the hallway or the bathroom itself.

The Fruit Cellar

Underneath the cabin is a massive fruit cellar with several small rooms divided by stone walls. During Ash's two nights at the cabin, the cellar served as a makeshift prison for the Deadite Cheryl Williams and Deadite Henrietta Knowby. One alternate reality depicted a secret tunnel underneath a nearby church that led directly into the cabin's cellar.

Surrounding The Cabin

Though many would consider the cabin as "isolated", there are several locations of note somewhat close to the Knowby's property.

The Bridge

The truss bridge (Evil Dead II)

Stretched across a large ravine, a truss bridge is one of (if not the only) way for automobiles to access the cabin. During Ash's first night at the cabin, the bridge was destroyed by the Kandarian Demon in an attempt to prevent the group of five friends from escaping. The following night, local residents Jake and Bobby Joe came across the destroyed bridge and set up a series of barricades.

Ash Williams discovers the bridge is destroyed (Evil Dead II)

In the reality known as Earth-818793, Ash Williams and his girlfriend Sheila traveled across the bridge on their way to the cabin. Williams was unaware that the bridge was destroyed in the first place due to his alteration of history and the wiping of his own memories of his first trip there.


A map of the trails surrounding the cabin (Hail To The King booklet)

After the discovery of the destroyed bridge, Ash's friend Scotty made mention of a trail close to the cabin that possibly led back into a nearby town. The next night, Jake, Bobby Joe, Annie Knowby, and Ed Getley used a trail that led them around the ravine and directly to the cabin, possibly the same trail that Scotty had mentioned. Later in the evening, Jake said the trail had been "swallowed up" by the woods themselves.

In one universe, Ash Williams discovered these trails and used them to access various locations nearby, such as a church and scout camp.

The Workshed

The exterior of the workshed (Evil Dead II)

Located just a few feet away from the left-hand side of the cabin (when facing the porch) is a small workshed. Inside is a variety of tools used for hunting, woodworking, and property maintenance. It was inside the workshed that Ash Williams nearly dismembered his girlfriend Linda, and later modified a chainsaw so it could attach to his wrist. When Ash returned to the property 30 years after his first visit, he was briefly trapped inside the workshed with Linda's severed head.

The Barn

The barn behind the cabin (The Evil Dead)

Several yards behind the cabin stood an old wooden barn with a metal roof. While larger than the workshed but smaller than the cabin itself, what was inside the barn remains unknown since none of the visitors to the cabin ever examined it's interior.

In Other Media

Video Games

  • The cabin's first appearance outside one of the films was in 1984 video game The Evil Dead.
  • The second appearance of the cabin in a video game was Evil Dead: Hail To The King, where it was the starting location.
  • The cabin is the first level in iOS mobile game Evil Dead: The Game.
  • The cabin briefly appears in the opening cut-scene of the Army of Darkness Defense mobile game.
  • The crossover game Deploy And Destroy features a map based on the cabin's appearance in Ash Vs. Evil Dead.
  • As part of the official Evil Dead 2 DLC, a cabin map (featuring a variety of missions to complete) was added to Phantom Halls.

Comic Books

Behind The Scenes

The Evil Dead Cabin

Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi's fictional history of the cabin (Book Of The Dead Premiere Program)

The cabin featured in the original Evil Dead film was located in Morristown, Tennessee, and was built sometime in the 1960s. Prior to being used in the film, the cabin was used by the property's owners as a hunting cabin. The cabin was leased to the film's production crew under the condition that any modifications made for filming were to be undone. This promise was upheld by the crew, though the only thing that remained that was not part of the original cabin was the fireplace (which was built by Don Campbell).

Sometime shortly after the 1981 release of The Evil Dead, the cabin burned down due to trespassers sneaking onto the property and having a party, leaving the stone fireplace as the only indication that the cabin was there at all. It's very likely that the Season Two finale of the Ash Vs. Evil Dead television series (in which the cabin burns down) was inspired by the fate of the original cabin.

In the years following the film's release, Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi began telling a fictitious story about an incident which occurring during filming of the first movie, in which a man arrived at the cabin looking for a woman named "Clara", who allegedly lived in the cabin in the early 20th Century. "Clara", who witnessed the death of her father just outside the cabin doors, would escape her new residency and return to the cabin during thunderstorms. As mentioned previously, this story is entirely fictitious, as the cabin was not built until the 1960s, 15 to 20 years before The Evil Dead began filming.

Evil Dead 2 Cabin

A new cabin and workshed were built in Wadesboro, North Carolina specifically for Evil Dead II in 1986. Unlike the cabin seen in the original Evil Dead, this cabin was simply an exterior, with the interior located in a local high school not far from the cabin exterior location. Also unlike the first Evil Dead cabin, this cabin was not destroyed by man, but time and weather have taken a toll on a set that was to only be temporary.

In 2016, fans of Evil Dead II took what few props remained at the North Carolina location and some parts of the cabin and workshed. While planks of the collapsed cabin were eventually used to create special dice for Space Goat's cancelled Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game Kickstarter, the workshed in it's entirety managed to be salvaged and rebuilt. The workshed now tours the United States, appearing at various conventions.

Army of Darkness Cabin

A third cabin set was built for the opening scene of Army of Darkness. The "simple" Army of Darkness cabin set only consisted of two rooms: a main living room (which featured some elements from Evil Dead II, such as Professor Knowby's desk and cabinets and the deer head), and Linda's bedroom. Footage from Evil Dead II was used to depict the cabin's exterior.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead Cabin

For the Ash Vs Evil Dead television series, a fourth cabin (and a third workshed) was created in a New Zealand sound stage. This version of the cabin combined elements from the first two films, though it mainly pulled from the Evil Dead II design. The cabin was used in the first two season finales.



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Destruction of The Cabin

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