The Evil Dead game

The Evil Dead is an adventure game produced by Palace Software for the Commodore 64. A version was also written for the ZX Spectrumbut this was never released on its own and eventually appeared free with the Spectrum version of Cauldron. It was the first in a series of Evil Dead themed video games on various platforms.


The game is set at the infamous cabin from the Evil Dead film. The player controls Ash Williams, and must close cabin windows to prevent monsters from entering, while also killing monsters that are already in the cabin.

As the player defeats monsters with various weapons (such as shovels, shotguns, and axes), Ash's energy level decreases. Ash must continuously pick up new weapons in order to increase his energy. Once he has defeated all the monsters, Ash must obtain the Necronomicon and destroy it in order to defeat the evil.


The game was not released as a stand-alone title for the ZX Spectrum, but instead as a game on the "B"-side of Cauldron.[1]


Retro Gamer stated that while the game was simplistic by current standards, it was "fun to play (for about five minutes anyway)".[1]

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