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The Evil Dead was a four issue limited series published by Dark Horse Comics beginning in January, 2008, until April, 2008. It was written by Mark Verheiden and featured art by John Bolton (who had previously done the artwork for the 1992 Army of Darkness comic for Dark Horse). It is the first comic to be based on the 1981 film The Evil Dead.

The Plot

The story involves five teenagers who travel to an abandoned cabin in the mountains, where a professor and his wife had accidentally unleashed Deadites summoned from the Book of The Dead. One by one during the night, four members of the group are possessed by the Deadites, until only Ashley Williams is left alone to fight off these monsters till the sun rises.

The Characters

  • Ashley Williams: a convenience store worker and boyfriend of Linda, who eventually is the only survivor of the horrors that take place in the Cabin.
  • Linda: Ash's girlfriend and the third member of the group to become possessed.
  • Scotty: Shelly's boyfriend and is a close friend of Ash. Once things start to go bad, he begins to look out for only himself, and wants to leave the Cabin.
  • Shelly: Girlfriend of Scotty, who prior to the trip to the Cabin was shown to brutally beat a bird with a broken wing.
  • Cheryl: A friend of Linda and Shelly, who tags along on the trip to the Cabin. Unlike her movie counterpart, she is not Ash's sister.
  • Raymond Knowby: A professor who accidentally unleashed the Deadites while translating The Book of The Dead. He is shown to be a middle aged man unlike his older appearance in Evil Dead 2.
  • Beth Marie Knowby: Raymond's wife who stayed with him while he translated The Book of The Dead. She takes over Henrietta Knowby's role in the films as the first victim to the Deadites.

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  • The comic was produced in collaboration with the Ghost House Pictures film production company, which was created by Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert. This is because Raimi himself owns the rights of the original 1981 Evil Dead film.
  • This is the second adaptation of a film in the Evil Dead franchise, and the second to be published by Dark Horse Comics.

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