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The Death of Ash was a two-part storyline published in issues 12 and 13 of Dynamite Entertainment's first volume of their ongoing Army of Darkness series. Written by James Kuhoric, it was the final story-arc both publication-wise and chronologically before the start of the Marvel Zombies Vs. The Army of Darkness crossover.


Led by a tip from some associates of Sugarbaby, Ash Williams and his Cajun sorceress-sidekick head into the heart of Detroit to investigate a Weenieville restaurant where a strong source of Deadite energy is emitting from. "Borrowing" the costume of the restaurant's mascot, Ash heads for the back room only to find himself face-to-face with The Cult of Death, the same organizations which (unbeknown to him) cursed Ash as an infant to forever be plagued by the forces of evil. With the aid of Sugarbaby's sorcery, the two defeat the cult and proceed to the building's dungeon, which is packed to the brim with all manner of medieval torture devices.

Before they can grab a copy of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis sitting on a nearby podium, a familiar female voice calls out to Ash from behind. It's Sheila, or at least, something that looks like Sheila. Caught off guard by her appearance, Ash and Sugarbaby are subdued by the Deadite-possessed Lord Arthur, Henry The Red, and Wise Man, all of which are dressed in modern-era business attire. Ash awakens after being knocked-out to find himself up on a crucifix, and Sugarbaby tied to a blood-soaked sacrificial altar. Sugarbaby realizes that this was all a trap for Ash, the ultimate endgame move for the Deadites centuries in the making. "Sheila" approaches, and fills in Ash on what exactly is going on. After Sheila (who was unknowingly "The Chosen One" of the Middle Ages) left to be with Ash in the 21st Century, her evil duplicate was allowed to escape the Mirror Dimension and take control of Castle Kandar, turning all of her subjects into Deadites. As they waited for the proper time to strike back against Ash, the Deadites influenced history's most notorious figures that would come to be associated as the embodiment evil (such as Charles Manson and various terrorist organizations). As the years passed, they took to using more "modern" methods of spreading evil, such as opening a chain of restaurants with food made of mini-Deadite essence.

With Ash now aware of the seriousness of his situation, the Deadites and the Cult of Death begin the ritual. Sugarbaby can do nothing but watch as lightning strikes Ash, before one final burst melts the cross and sends his body to the floor. The figure that staggers to his feet and passionately kisses Sheila's duplicate is no-longer the man Sugarbaby has come to know, but now the resurrected Evil Ash in his good counterpart's body.

Meanwhile, Ash finds himself in a dark void, guided only by a glowing light which he begins to walk towards. The light becomes more intense as he begins to fear a meeting with St. Peter at the pearly gates and going over his checkered past, only to find himself on the streets of New York City, where colorful costumed characters in silhouette look towards him...

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  • The "Bookstore" sign seen of the building across the street from Weenieville in issue 12 is misspelled as "Bokstore".
  • James Kuhoric appears as one of Ash's classmates in the yearbook.
  • Several items seen in the trunk of Ash's car are objects that were seen in the Army of Darkness film, such as the Fangoria magazine and Coca-Cola bottle.
  • This series was later collected in the Army of Darkness: Ash vs. The Classic Monsters trade paperback released in November, 2007, then later in the Army of Darkness Omnibus Volume 2.

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