Army of Darkness: The Death of Ash (issues #12-13) is a two-issue story arc in the second volume of Dynamite Comics Army of Darkness series.


The opening narration from Ash tells us that the Necronomicon has led him and Sugarbaby to a restaurant in Detroit called Weenieville, home of Willie Weenie, a guy in a six-foot tall hot dog costume, and a strong source of Deadite Energy. After stealing the Willie Weenie costume to get into the back room, Ash finds himself against armed members of the cult that curses The Chosen Ones at birth, but they are quickly defeated by him and Sugarbaby. They find the backroom is a medieval style torture chamber, and the centerpiece of the room is a copy of the Necronomicon. But before they can escape with the book, a Deadite Sheila, Wise Man, Arthur, and Henry The Red are behind the strong source of Deadite Energy, and the creators of Weenieville. The four Deadites capture and tie up Ash and Sugarbaby, with Ash tied up on a cross, ready for a crucifixion. Sheila tells Ash that they are about to complete the main mission that the Deadites have been trying to accomplish since the Necronomicon was written: kill the Chosen One once and for all. Ash's soul is taken out of his body and replaced with Evil Ash , leaving good Ash's soul to go to the afterlife, leading directly into Marvel Zombies Vs. The Army of Darkness.

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  • Throughout the comics, it is implied that Ash is not The Chosen One, but A Chosen One. In issue #13, we see some of the others who have been given the task of defeating the Deadites (and how they died to them): A Moses looking man being swallowed by a giant snake, a Knight in bloody armor torn apart by a tree, A 18th Century dressed man with his organs being feasted upon by Deadites, A World War II soldier being shot in the chest from behind by a Nazi Deadite, and Elvis Presley being strangled by his toilet (a reference to Bubba Ho-Tep, where Bruce Campbell played Elvis, also parodying the legend that Elvis died on the toilet). It should also be noted that a Chosen One was featured in the Army of Darkness Vs Re-Animator crossover in a flashback.

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