The Army Of Darkness

The Army Of Darkness were an army of Deadites (mostly skeletons) who laid siege upon King Arthur's Castle in the film Army Of Darkness. They were led by Bad Ash and Evil Sheila.

The Battle

The Army was created when Ash, failing to correctly pronounce a spell, stole the Necronomicon in the graveyard. The first of them to rise went forth and unburied Bad Ash, and he became their leader in the siege of the Castle. When Flying Deadite scouts kidnapped Sheila, Bad Ash infected her turning her into a Deadite "Queen" to serve beside him in the Battle. After rounding up the Deadites, Bad Ash marched to Arthur's Castle to steal back the Book, and kill Ash. During the Battle the Deadites seemed to be winning, but when Ash began his sword fight with Bad Ash and rocketed him off on the catapult of gunpowder, the remaining Deadites escaped, and it is unknown exactly what happened, but it is likely Henry The Red's men made short work of them.
'March of the Dead' - Danny Elfman's Music

'March of the Dead' - Danny Elfman's Music

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