Amanda facing off againts the deadite tattoo girl.

The Tattoo Girl is a secondary character in Ash vs Evil Dead. She made her debut in the opening episode of the series, El Jefe. This character has the distinction of becoming the first deadite in the series's timeline. She is played by Marissa Stott.


She is first seen smoking pot with Ash in his trailer. They converse about her tattoo on her wrist and they also discuss poems. Ash decides to impress the girl by reading from the Necronomicon. In a delirious state he doesn't realise that by reciting the right verses he released evil from the book.

When Amanda and her partner Carson investigate a call from a seemingly abandoned house they find Lucy, already possessed by the ancient force. The cops try to defend themselves when she attacks them, but Carson gets killed and turns into a deadite too. Amanda dispatches both of them and this encounter becomes the catalyst for her search for Ash.



  • Though she is credited as Tattoo Girl, her real name is Lucy.
  • She is technically the first character in the series to become possessed by evil and turning into a deadite.
  • She is also the first deadite to be killed on screen.
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