Tales of Army of Darkness (sometimes listed as Tales of The Army of Darkness) is a one-shot comic published by Dynamite Comics in 2006 and features a collection of short stories based around characters from the Army of Darkness film and comics.

Short Stories

  • A Dame, Deadites, and a Dimwit: This story picks up immediately after the Ashes 2 Ashes limited series, and explains how Sheila returned to Ash in the 21st Century to be in the Shop Till You Drop Dead story-arc.
  • Weekend Off: Ash takes a trip to visit and apologize to his ex-girlfriend, Linda.
  • You Have No Honor: The story of Kay'lore The Slave Driver, who loses his honor and respect once Ash Williams arrived in 1300 A.D.
  • Till Death Do Us Part: Ash has found love again in a woman named Emily, and thinks he could see himself settling down with her, but a nightmare, a possible honeymoon in a cabin, and little Ashes running around change that.
  • Necromomicon: Thanksgiving dinner at the Williams household doesn't go as planned when Ash finds out his mother has been reading from the Necronomicicon.
  • Runaway: a teenage girl wanting to runaway from home finds that the truck driver that picked her up is a Deadite, but Ash shows up to quickly dispose of him before the Deadite swallowed her soul.

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