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Suzy Maxwell was the wife of Mr. Maxwell and Kelly´s mother. In life, she was depicted to be a school teacher.

Early Life

She went missing 6 months before the events of Ash vs Evil Dead in a car accident and was presumed dead.


She was first seen as a shadowy figure while Kelly was in a phone-video interaction with her father, shocking the clerk woman immensely. Pablo decides to seek Ash for help, much to Kelly's annoyance. After dealing with deadites in Ash's trailer park, Kelly begs Ash to save her father, but Ash firmly refuses, for he has to find correct spells from Necronomicon to return evil to where it belongs: her father will have to wait. Undaunted, Kelly stalks off on her own, forcing Ash to chase Kelly thinking she took Necronomicon with her.

Ash and Pablo discusses that evil is using Kelly as a bait to lure its true target, namely Ash. Ash, from his past terrible experiences with deadites, remains deeply suspicious of Suzy, believing she is a Deadite impostor. Ash and Pablo arrive at Maxwell residence to find Suzy acting normal. There Kelly and her father states that Suzy was never declared dead as her body was never found, but went missing. Ash nevertheless warns Kelly that "when something seems too good to be true it probably is". Pablo, having never experiencing the degree of deception deadites are capable of, begins to distrust Ash. Ash decides to stay put and behave as a decent guest. After being interrogated, prodded and provoked at the dinner table by Ash, Suzy reveals herself as a Deadite (much to Pablo's aghast and Kelly's horror) just like Ash predicted and kills Kelly's shocked father with a fork to the eye. After a madcap fight between her and Ash (she proves to be more cumbersome target to kill than Ash had hoped), the Deadite tries to manipulate Kelly into believing that she's fine now, with Ash telling Kelly otherwise. Deadite Suzy shows herself again and Ash kills her just in nick of time by sawing off her head.

After burying the bodies of both her parents, Kelly agrees to accompany Ash and Pablo.


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  • Suzy is the second mother in the franchise to be possessed and assault her family, with the first being Henrietta Knowby in the second film.