Stanley Gibson is minor character who made his first and only appaerance in Ash vs. Evil Dead's third season's debut episode, Family. He is played by Jeffrey Thomas.


Stanley Gibson is a host to a local tv show about actioning reliquaries. A girl named Amy enters his show, claiming that she owns a peculiar reliquary that could be valuable to him. It turns out that this innocent girl has found the Necronomicon and tries to sell it to Gibson. Stanley reads from the book without fully realising what he has done. He releases the evil force that massacres everyone at the barn, including Amy. His chanting also attracts Ruby's attention. She arrives and finishes off Stanley and takes the Necronomicon away from him.



  • Stanley is played by Jeffrey Thomas who, like many actors from this show, was in an another television show produced by Starz. Namely Spartacus.
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