Space Goat Productions is a company founded by Shon C. Bury in 2006 and is currently based in Bellingham, Washington. In 2015, the company acquired the comic book rights to Evil Dead 2, and began releasing comics based off the film in the Fall of 2015 through their publishing division (known as Space Goat Publishing).

Cancellations & Controversies


Cover to the cancelled "Art of Evil Dead 2" book.

After achieving moderate success and critical acclaim for their Evil Dead 2 titles, the company unfortunately became notorious for two controversies (pertaining to their Evil Dead 2 Kickstarter projects) and cancelling several Evil Dead 2 books and products. These include:

  • Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game: one of the two Evil Dead 2 Kickstarter projects launched by Space Goat in 2016, and officially cancled in May of 2018.
  • Evil Dead 2 Omnibus & The Art of Evil Dead 2: the second Kickstarter project launched by the company in 2016, this time focused on creating a large omnibus collection of four of their Evil Dead 2 miniseries (Beyond Dead By Dawn, Cradle of The Damned, Dark Ones Rising, and Tales of The Ex-Mortis), and an art book featuring sketches and layouts created for the comics and board game.
  • Evil Dead 2: Doppelganger Wars: a comic book mini-series following the events of Dark Ones Rising.
  • Evil Dead 2: Ash 2.0: Not much is known about this comic, except it was mentioned in the "30 Years of Evil Dead 2" advertisement featured in Dark Ones Rising #3.

Comics Published By Space Goat

Limited Series

  • Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn #1-3
  • Evil Dead 2: Cradle of The Damned #1-3
  • Evil Dead 2: Dark Ones Rising #1-3
  • Evil Dead 2: Tales of The Ex-Mortis #1-2

"Revenge Of" Series

Other Books

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