Solan Williams was the son of the Ash Williams of Earth-818793 and Gabrielle. Solan lived in a possible future of Earth-818793, but his future was erased from existence after Ash, Xena, Gabrielle, and Autolycus saved the world from the Deadite Xena. He first appeared in Xena Warrior Princess/Army of Darkness: What, Again? #2.


Early Life

Not much is known about Solan's life before coming back to the past, except he was raised by his mother, Gabrielle.

Team-Up With Mom & Dad

Solan had come from his future to aid his parents in repairing the timeline. According to historical records in Solan's time, Ash lost the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis during a battle and then Ash himself disappeared. When he arrived back to the past, he became an employee of Univers-Mart, where The Wise Man led a resistance. Solan saved Ash, Gabrielle, Xena, and Autolycus from a small group of Deadites when they returned from their book-hopping journey. The group fought through Deadites until they reached Deadite Xena and Deadite Gabrielle. When the two Deadites were destroyed, it caused Solan (and the version of the future he's from) to slowly be erased from existence. Before he completely faded away, he told his mother that Ash was his father, however Ash was never told that Solan was his son.


  • Solan is named after Xena's son Solan, a character in the Xena Warrior Princess television series.

    Solan's cameo in Ash Saves Obama #1.

  • Solan is referenced in Ash Saves Obama as the star of a fictional Dynamite Entertainment comic, Solan: Son of Darkness. In Ash Saves Obama, the writers behind the Solan comic announced that he is going to meet Obama in Solan/Obama: Always Bet On Black. It should be noted that Ash Saves Obama does not take place on Earth-818793, making the Solan mentioned in Obama was not associated with Ash or Xena.
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