Sheila was the wife of Ash Williams. She first appeared in Ash and the Army of Darkness #2.


Sometime after Ash had left 1300 AD, The Wise Man has unleashed the Deadites, creating a new "Army of Darkness" and Sheila has trained to become a fierce warrior. When Ash returns to 1300 AD unwillingly, he is captured by The Deadite Wise Man, and Sheila comes to his rescue. After stopping The Wise Man and turning him human again, Sheila is once again taken by the Deadites and becomes "Bad Sheila" again, taking over Evil Ash's role as general of the army of Deadites. Ash manages to save her, but it cost Sheila her right hand, leaving her with a stump like Ash. Ash decides that he is going to stay in 1300 AD this time and proposes to Sheila. She agrees to marry him. As the two ride off, Ash accidently unleashes The Faceless Man. Before their wedding, Ash and Sheila have been off killing the remaining Deadites in the area. After defeating a large hoard of Deadites around a castle, Sheila tells Ash that she is pregnant with his child, which gives Ash another reason not to run away to the future. After finally confronting The Faceless Man, Sheila and Ash are married. While at the reception party, Ash drunkenly says he can remember the three words "Klaatu Barada Nikto" and a time portal opens and sends him to 1350 AD.


  • Sheila and her unborn child's ultimate fate is unknown since the Ash and the Army of Darkness continuity ends with Ash In Space.
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