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Sheila was Ash's girlfriend in Army Of Darkness. She was first seen asking King Arthur about her brother, who had fallen in battle against Henry The Red.


'Give me some sugar baby.'
~ Ash's phrase before kissing Sheila

Flying Deadite capturing Sheila

At first, Sheila hated Ash. She thought him to be one of Henry The Red's men, and even spat and kicked at him on his march to the Pit. After he was shown to be the Chosen One, she eventually became smitten with him. After Ash found the Book Of The Dead, and he seemed about to leave for his own time, she convinced him of their love, only to have her snatched away by a Flying Deadite.

I may be bad, but I feel good!
~ Sheila as Bad Sheila's One-liner

After Sheila was kidnapped by by a Deadite, she was brought to Bad Ash where he "made out" with her, and infected her, turning her into a Deadite. During the battle, she appears to seduce Ash in her human form telling him he once found her beautiful. Just when she's about to strike Ash impales her with a spear causing her to fly out the roof. After the Battle, she was transformed back into her human form alive and unpossessed rather than just killed.

It is not known what happens to her after the events of Army of Darkness in the main canon as she is not mentioned in Ash vs. Evil Dead. Possibly she went on to live a regular, deadite-free life in the middle ages.

In Other Media

Video Games

  • Bad Sheila appeared in the mobile game Army of Darkness Defense as a non-playable enemy.
  • A variation of Sheila was mentioned in Poker Night 2. After Ash was asked about what happened to Sheila following his departure from 1300 AD, replying that he couldn't find anything with his own research. GLaDOS informs Ash that Sheila was pregnant with his child, and later married a "Sir Theodore" in 1300, later giving birth to one son, and eventually killed by the Black Plague in 1347. Though it is unknown if she lived to see them, she eventually became a grandmother of eight, with later descendants emigrating to Poland by the 15th century. The descendants later escaped from Poland following the Nazi invasion during World War 2, and settled in a Swedish enclave in Nebraska. By the 1960's, the sole surviving ancestor of Sir Theodore and Sheila, Bonnie Jablonski, briefly marries a local traveling salesman giving birth to two male sons including Brock Fitzgerald Samson (a character in the Venture Bros animated series and another character that appeared in Poker Night 2). This connection between Ash, Sheila, and Brock Samson is exclusive to the Poker Night 2 variations of the characters, not to any other medium in which they appear (including the main film/television universe).