Sable was a Native American woman who had an encounter with the Deadites shortly before she was set to appear in the Miss Galaxy beauty pageant.

She first appeared in the Scream Queen short story featured in Evil Dead 2: Tales of The Ex-Mortis #2.


Early Life

Not much is known about Sable's early life, except she grew up on a Native American reservation and was given a dreamcatcher by her grandmother, Gray Eagle.

Encounter With The Deadites (Scream Queen)

Two weeks before she was going to appear in the Miss Galaxy beauty pageant, Sable and her friends Paul, Gary, Kimber, and her pageant coach Agnes had a mini-vacation in a large cabin they had rented for a week. During their first night, Paul had gone out to into the surrounding woods to pick up what he thought was trash, but upon further examination, discovered it was a page of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Paul read from a small sticky note attached to the page, and accidently unleashed a Deadite spirit. The spirit entered Paul's body, causing him to become a Deadite. Sable immediately noticed that something was wrong with her friend, and ended up having to kill him. When Paul died, the spirit moved from body to body one at a time, leaving Sable the lone survivor of the Deadite's attack. The spirit was finally destroyed when it moved into the body Agnes, and Sable set her on fire with a makeshift Molotov cocktail.


  • Sable believes that her grandmother's dreamcatcher was what was protecting her from the Deadite spirit entering her body.
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