Rifting Apart
Rifting Apart
Air date 15 April 2018
Written by Bryan Hill
Directed by Mark Beesley
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"Rifting Apart" is the eighth episode of the third season of Ash vs Evil Dead and the twenty eighth episode overall in the series. It was written by Bryan Hill and directed by Mark Beesley.[1] It premiered on April 15, 2018.


Ash and Pablo realize Brandy and Kelly are trapped on the other side of the Rift and cannot escape on their own. The Rift, which also holds key to humanity's salvation, the two men devise a crazy plot involving Kandarian dagger and a suicide to take a trip to the Deadlands and bring the two girls, who are being pursued by mysterious shadowy dark form, back to the realm of the living. Ash of course ends up going to the Deadlands, while Pablo remains behind to communicate with him and keep the rift opened. However, Their hardware store cellar comes under attack by a deadite (the girl who was first to be slain by Demon Ash) whom they mistakenly tagged along.


In Kenward County High School, sheriffs investigate the aftermath of prom carnage and they are looking for Ash Williams. Ash, hiding from one of school classrooms with Pablo to avoid law enforcement officials, is told of Kelly's fate by Pablo, which certainly doesn't help lifting up his despair. Desperate to bring Brandy back, Ash, remembering Professor Raymond Knowby's soul being stuck in limbo, hatches incredibly insane plot involving stepping into a totally uncharted territory: go to Deadlands, bring back the two girls and escape from Deadlands through the Rift, and that is where Pablo's ability as shaman would come in. Pablo, objecting at first, reluctantly agrees with Ash's plan. Then the two men see Brandy's body being bagged and taken away. Realizing they need her body to get her back, Pablo and Ash commandeer the coroner van that contain two bodies, one of which is Brandy's. As Ash apologizes Brandy for failing to keep her safe and swears to revive her, the other body inconspicuously twitches inside the body bag...

Meanwhile in Deadlands Brandy, obviously confused of her state, sees more people stuck in Deadlands (many of them slain teens from the previous episode) like her, all fearfully running for their lives in every which way from something unknown. One of her schoolmate whose neck was snapped by Ruby (credited as Gown Girl), straggling around and voiced her confusion upon seeing Brandy, ends up attracting shadow evil inhabiting Deadlands and was consumed by the entity. Brandy was saved by Dalton who is also trapped in Deadlands. After confirming mutually of each other's respectable fates, Brandy meets Kelly shortly thereafter and realizes that someone else is occupying Kelly's body. Realizing they are not safe outside as sounds of more victims being snatched are heard, they make a dash towards and hide in Elk Grove cinema, where they discover they are relatively safe and evil shadows do not come around as much... Except that interior was not cinema but a bar. Brandy asks Kelly if she has any plan bring the three of them back to real world, but Kelly tells her that all they can do is nothing but 'duck and cover'.

Back at the hardware store and bringing the body bag containing the dead, Ash and Pablo realize that Zoe is being MIA but they are much too focused on bringing back Brandy and Kelly to notice anything unusual. Ash asks Pablo how to get to Deadlands, to which Pablo retorts that this was Ash's idea. Ash confesses that his plan to go to Deadlands is conceived with Pablo's ability as Brujo Especiale in mind. Through Pablo's hypothesis Ash realizes that in order to go to Deadlands safely and not ending up like Marcus had, he must die at the hands of evil. Although not exactly keen on the idea of dying, Ash realizes that there is no other option and time is running out for Kelly and Brandy. In a humorous scene after Ash failing to kill himself, Pablo assists in killing Ash on count three, and Ash wakes up in Deadlands version of his hardware store with his both hands restored. Ash searches for his gang and fortunately for him he did not have to wander around too long: Ash finds Brandy, Kelly and Dalton who are both shocked (especially on the part when he tells them that he killed himself to cross over onto Deadlands) and relieved at seeing him. After checking on each others' statuses, Ash tells his plans involving Pablo and the hardware store's basement cellar where the Rift seal that can take them back to the land of the living is located.

In Deadlands where everything is whack out of order, Ash leads his gang back to where he came from... Only to lead them outside of their hideout where the basement cellar had been just a moment ago. Additionally the shadow demon blocks their escape route towards the hardware store. Ash attempts to use himself as diversionary bait but Dalton volunteers to become the bait instead, in spite of Kelly's objection. Dalton's final word to Ash was that Ash kills Ruby and send to her where he will be waiting for her. With that Dalton goes out, hurling shouts and insults at the demon to take its attention away from Ash's company. The demon then proceeds to drag down and swallow Dalton into the darkness after a brief tug of war. But the knight's sacrifice had provided Ash's company necessary time they needed to start the engine of Delta Mobile. The demon attempts to swallow Delta automobile with Ash, Kelly and Brandy inside as well but the car escapes and make their getaway towards the hardware store. Arriving at the basement cellar, the rift has not been created much to their dismay.

While all these madness were taking place in Deadlands, Pablo has a problem of his own: the corpse believed to be Brandy, was not Brandy and it escaped from the body bag. Pablo goes upstair to deal with the noise being made from upper floor, only to be ambushed by the possessed corpse of a dead teen. Although having a hard time dispatching the deadite, The two fight across the hardware store until Pablo eventually succeeds in placing the deadite's head in the clamps of the paint shaker, resulting in the machine bursting her head, killing the deadite. Remembering his role, Pablo hurriedly rushes down the cellar and creates the Rift, much to the relief of Ash and his company. But while Brandy and Ash make it back to the mortal realm, Kelly was not so lucky and got repelled by a magic barrier, preventing her return: presumably because her body is still being occupied by someone else. After making it back, Ash goes to the coroner van and frees Brandy who is also resurrected to life. But their joy is cut short as Kelly's soul is still trapped within Deadlands. Ash vows to free her somehow.

Meanwhile in Ruby's hideout Kaya is very agitated: she is fully aware that Dark Ones are coming, and when they arrive their raw furies will descend upon the two traitresses. Zoe is shown to be captured by Kaya and is taken to Ruby. Confused at first, Zoe realizes who Ruby is and Kelly she sees is actually their former member and a betrayer. Zoe, addressing Ruby as her ancient alias, Ruby realizes Zoe speaks ancient language. Ever a schemer, Ruby has one more (and probably her last) devious scheme up in her sleeve involving Zoe...



Guest starring

  • Emilia Burns as Zoë
  • Chelsie Preston Crayford as Kaya
  • Albertine Jonas as Amy





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