Raka-Uruk was a pharaoh that was buried in a tomb somewhere in the Sudan. He was resurrected briefly as a Deadite in 1942. His only appearance was in the Das Book story in Evil Dead 2: Tales of The Ex-Mortis #3.


Not much is known about Raka-Uruk's life, except he was buried in a tomb with pages of the Necronomicon in his arms.

Resurrection In 1942

Raka-Uruk's tomb was unearthed in 1942 by a Nazi archaeological team and Frenchman named Mattieu Dejardine. After leading the Nazis in to the tomb, Dejardine was deemed "no longer of use" by the Germans, and he was shot while examining Raka-Uruk's corpse. Dejardine's blood then touched Raka-Uruk's corpse, and this somehow caused the pharaoh to rise from his coffin and attack the Nazis.

When the Nazis tried to escape Raka-Uruk created a small tremor, or earthquake, that caused rocks to fall from the tomb's mouth and seal the entrance shut. Raka-Uruk also awakened the mummified soldiers surrounding his coffin, and sent them to attack the Nazis. When all of the Nazis were killed, Raka-Uruk took back his pages of the Necronomicon and climbed back into his coffin, presumably waiting for the next individual who attempted to take the pages from him.

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