Rachel Manning was a minor character in the third season of Ash vs Evil Dead. She made her debut in the first episode of that season called Family. A close friend of Brandy, she is a student at the Elk Grove School. She is played by Ellie Gall.


She was first seen in the episode Family in Kenward County High School where she is, along with her friend Brandy, serving detention and cleanup for graffiti when the two girls came under attack by Kandarian demons that possesses Cougie, a mascot of Kenward High. The possessed mascot proceeds to terrorize the teen girls who managed to hide in the music classroom until Ash, Pablo and Candace Barr come to their rescue. At first Ash mistakes Rachel of his daughter but Candace corrects him.

While Ash, Candace and Brandy had a brief tussle the light in the classroom goes out. Ash asks Brandy if there is anyone else in the room besides them. Just when Brandy about to mention Rachel, Rachel plays piano rhyming Ashy Slashy with a typical distorted deadite voice with a slit wrist: Rachel had been possessed without anyone knowing it. She proceeds to terrorize everyone else present in the classroom, utilizing instruments as weapons. As Ash and Pablo eventually manage to subdue possessed instruments, deadite Rachel throws Cymbal at Brandy, intending to kill her former friend but Candace takes the hit instead and loses her head, much to Brandy's horror.

As Ash stands stunned over the loss, Rachel reverts back to her human facade and plays harp cacophonically to provoke Ash. The infuriated Ash kicks the harp, pressing her over the instrument. Rachel, switching back to her deadite state, tells Ash that evil will kill all his offsprings including Brandy. Ash jumps on harp which was pressing Rachel, slicing her head into multiple pieces and killing her.

Rachel was last seen briefly in episode Unfinished Business in which her soul was trapped in Deadlands. Through the Rift she screams for help and Ash, although he did see her through the Rift, was on the side of the living plus he knew nothing of the magic, therefore there was nothing he could do for her. Rachel was eventually caught and devoured by a dark shadowy form that is inhabiting Deadlands which devours any souls it can find.

Personality and Characteristics

Although she was close friend to Brandy, smoking marijuana, spewing lewd talks, being disciplined for bad behaviors such as graffiti would make her friend with bad influences. But there were some teens crying over her death and teens observing a moment of silence so she must have had some whom she can call friends besides Brandy.


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