Polly was a deputy of Elk Grove, Michigan. She first appeared in Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2, and was portrayed by Shareena Clanton.


Polly was a deputy who worked alongside Sheriff Thomas Emery. She was a kind officer who was easily scared.

After she let the prisoners out under duress, she was shivering in fear by Ruby Knowby. Soon, she stops acting scared, even seemingly seducing Ruby to the point of a kiss. This turned out to be Baal in disguise, who has killed Polly offscreen and was wearing her skin. After this, a Meat Puppet demon attacks the station and kills Joanie, a Prostitute. Because another female deputy was skinned, its is not currently known if the Meat Puppet came from Polly or Margie.


Ash vs Evil Dead Season Two


  • Polly is the second female character Ruby has shown an interest in. The first was Amanda Fisher.
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