Army of Darkness: Old School (#5-7) is a three issue story arc in Dynamite Entertainment's first Volume of Army of Darkness comics and picks up immediately after the end of the Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator miniseries.

The Story

Ash wants to drink his problems away after not being able to save Sheila from the Deadites in the Mirror Dimension while fighting Herbert West: The Re-Animator. After passing out drunk in his car, Ash is told by Sugerbaby that they can save Sheila by going to the cabin where it all started and destroying the evil once and for all. Just as the two arrive to the cabin, tree branches pull Ash out from the Oldsmobile and drag him into the cabin, putting him face-to-face with Deadite Linda in the cellar. After defeating her for the last time, he climbs back up to the ground floor of the cabin and greeted by a Deadite (possibly Jake) with an axe, and a Deadite Annie Knowby and quickly disposes of the two. A possessed Sugerbaby attacks Ash, but not wanting to kill her, he pins her to the wall, wanting her to fight the evil inside her. Ash hears a noise coming from the cellar aging and finds Henrietta Knowby, and after a long battle, he realizes that she is the wife of Professor Raymond Knowby, and that his spirit is keeping the Deadites there. He destroys the tape recorder that started the chain of events that lead to the death of his friends, and this makes the cabin collapse in on itself and on top of Ash. Sheila's spirit appears and tells Ash that only he can destroy the evil to stop the coming Anti-Christ, and only the Necronomicon can save her soul. The final pages of the story shows the rebirth of Dracula after the events of Dynamite's Monster War crossover, setting up the next story arc: Ash vs. The Classic Monsters.

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