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This is about the book featured in the original Evil Dead trilogy and its related media. You might be looking for Naturom Demonto from the 2013 film or Naturom Demonto from Evil Dead Rise.

Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (also referred to as "Naturom Demonto" and "Book of The Dead") is an ancient tome of prophecies, funerary incantations, and demon resurrection passages compiled by a race of beings known as The Dark Ones. While initially designed to serve as a compendium for all things supernatural for The Dark Ones only, the book eventually "escaped" into the hands of humanity, where it has been passed from owner to owner since.

The Necronomicon first appeared in the 1981 film The Evil Dead, designed by the film's special effects artist Tom Sullivan.



The Dark Ones

As the book is an object that exists in numerous alternate realities, its origin often varies from universe to universe. The most common origin of the Necronomicon is related to a race of ancient beings known as The Dark Ones, who in many worlds crafted the book at the dawn of humanity in the region of the globe now known as the Middle East.[1] Some accounts have specified the region of it's creation as the country of Egypt,[2][3] while others have speculated it was written in Sumer, a civilization located in southern Mesopotamia between 3100 and 2500 BCE.[4] Other sources have stated that the book was created in an alternate dimension entirely, presumably Hell itself.[5] In the "prime" universe, a Dark One known as Ruby was the lone author of the book,[6] while other accounts have depicted it's creation as a collaborative effort.[2][7]

In one world, The Dark Ones skinned the head of a powerful demon to create the book's ghoulish binding, and then proceeded to curse the fiend by transforming it into the first Deadite.[8] In another reality, Ash Williams disrupted the ceremony in which The Dark Ones were preparing to complete the book, and nearly had his own face used for the tome's cover.[9]


Another alternate timeline depicted the book as the creation of Urigan, a high priest in the ancient Mesopotamian city of Kandar circa 3000 BC. Urigan believed the forces of evil to be the avatars of the goddess Ereshkigal, and was instructed by the Kandarian Demon itself and a creature named Beletseri to create the Necronomicon.[10]

Abdul Alzeez

One universe depicted the book as being the creation of a human named Abdul Alzeez, who had discovered a series of texts left behind by The Dark Ones prior to their banishment from this plane of existence. Alzeez translated these works and compiled them into the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis in 730 AD, though he was killed by a wild demonic entity shortly after it's completion.[11]

Contents & Copies

Regardless of it's scribe, the Ex-Mortis more or less contains the same contents across all it's iterations, including (but not limited to) prophecies, funerary incantations, and demon resurrection passages.

Duplicates of the book have also been created either by the Dark Ones themselves or by others who have found the original. The number of copies varies from universe to universe, though most seem to have at least three copies at the minimum.

Early Encounters

Little to no information is available on the whereabouts of the Necronomicon between it's creation and 1300 AD, though one reality claimed the book was briefly in the possession of the local mystic of the Sumerian city of Akhsa "decades" before 4000 BC.[12] The mystic used the Ex-Mortis to summon a demon known as Dagen, who promised prosperity and good fortune to the city in exchange for a human sacrifice to be given to him annually.

Historians have also found evidence of the book being used in war and fertility rituals orchestrated by followers of The Dark Ones located in Europe and Asia, though a specific time-frame for such practices are unknown.[12]

Discovery In 1300 AD

The earliest well-documented period of the book's history was in the 14th Century, where it (along with two "fake" copies) were placed upon an alter inside a graveyard in England. A time-displaced Ash Williams journeyed to the cemetery and retrieved the book with the intention of using it to immediately return to his proper time, but his failure to recite an incantation before removing the Ex-Mortis from the alter resulted in the creation of an army of the dead led by his evil doppelganger. Williams, along with the combined armies of Lord Arthur and Henry The Red, defeated the legion of Deadites in an epic battle within the confines of Castle Kandar. Following humanity's victory over the undead, Ash returned to his time and left the book with Lord Arthur's Wise Man.[13]

The Lost Years

Details of the Necronomicon's history over the course of the following seven centuries become scarce after Ash's departure, though at some point for reasons unknown, several pages of the Ex-Mortis were removed from the book's binding and hidden inside a deep pit located underneath Castle Kandar's courtyard.[1][4] At another unspecified point, the book had been left behind in the castle after it's occupants had migrated to much larger communities elsewhere.

Rediscovery In The 20th Century


The Necronomicon and Kandarian Dagger, perfectly preserved in the ruins of Castle Kandar (Evil Dead II).

In 1982,[14] Professor Raymond Knowby would discover the Necronomicon laying upon a stone podium beneath a fine sheet of cobwebs and dust that had been accumulated over almost 700 years inside Castle Kandar's ruins. While Raymond and his wife Henrietta would return to the United States with the book and the strange dagger found beside it, their daughter Annie would remain at the castle to continue her work at the site.[1]

Upon their return to the states, Raymond and Henrietta retreated to a small cabin in the forests of Michigan to begin studying and translating their find in solitude. Raymond's analysis of the book consisted of detailed hand-written notes, as well as a series of dictated log entries recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder. During a session in which Raymond was reading aloud a translated incantation from the book, the passage awakened a long dormant evil spirit residing within the surrounding woods.[15]

One week later, a group of five friends would venture to the Knowby's cabin for a weekend retreat, as they were under the assumption that the property had been abandoned for quite some time. Early into the first night of their stay, two of the party's members, Ash Williams (who had yet to see the book at this point in his own personal timeline) and his friend Scotty would discover the Necronomicon placed beside Raymond Knowby's personal belongings in the cabin's fruit cellar. Curious of the contents of the tape recorder and the strange book, the duo gathered the objects and returned to the den of the cabin upstairs, playing a selection of Professor Knowby's log entries and translations for their friends. The same incantation which had doomed Raymond and Henrietta a week prior was replayed, and the demonic spirit awakened once more to terrorize and claim the souls of the would-be vacationers. Over the course of the evening, four members of the party fell victim to the demon's onslaught and became Deadites, leaving only Ash Williams unscathed. In the moments before seemingly meeting his own demise at the hands of his former friends, Williams made a desperate play and tossed the Necronomicon into the burning hearth of the cabin's fireplace. The book itself let out a horrific scream of agony as flames danced across it's ghoulish binding, and the Deadites encompassing Ash began to melt.[15]


Annie Knowby, holding the "missing" Necronomicon pages (Evil Dead II).

Though Williams had thought his ordeal with the Kandarian Demon was over, he soon discovered he was trapped at the cabin for another night. In the period between the dawn and dusk of the second day, the Necronomicon continued to burn into nothingness in the fireplace, destroying what might have been the key to his salvation and stopping the demon's rampage for good. Unbeknownst to Ash, Annie Knowby had returned from Castle Kandar that evening with the "lost pages" of the Book of The Dead she had found in another part of the castle, and was en route to reunite with her parents at the cabin. Shortly after her arrival, Annie learned of her father's fatal mistake of awakening the Kandarian Demon, and realized that the monster could be stopped using the lost pages of the Ex-Mortis she had brought with her. With her dying breath, Annie opened a rift in time with an incantation found on one of the pages, sending the demon (and Ash) back to 1300 AD.[1]

Beyond The Cabin

It is following the incident at the cabin that the Necronomicon's history becomes blurred, as many alternate realities depict radically different events pertaining to the book. For example: on Earth-818793, the Ex-Mortis was spared of it's fiery destruction in the fireplace and recovered by the Ash Williams of that reality.[3] In another, Annie Knowby used the book to escape Hell and combat the forces of evil which she had inadvertently unleashed on the world of the living.[16]

Perhaps the most well-known further exploits regarding the Ex-Mortis occurred in the "prime" universe, where Ash Williams had acquired another copy some time after his return from 1300 AD.[17] Through a series of bloody events, the book would fall in and out of the possession of Ruby,[18] [19]though eventually The Dark Ones themselves would escape their otherworldly prison and acquire the Necronomicon to unleash an apocalypse on the Earth.[20][21]

Powers, Abilities, & Characteristics

Known Passages & Spells

Awakening The Kandarian Demon

Recitation of this passage unleashed the Kandarian Demon upon the world of the living, normally close to the location where the passage was read. This was the passage read aloud and recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder by Professor Raymond Knowby while at his cabin.[15][1]

Opening A Rift In Time & Space


The time rift has a powerful enough gravitational pull that it was able to suck in an automobile (Evil Dead II).

Another passage in the book allowed the reader to open a rift in time and space. Some accounts suggest that the reader's desired destination could be chosen by simply thinking about the destination while reading the spell, while others claim that the book itself chooses the destination. Annie Knowby read this passage in an attempt to put an end to the Kandarian Demon's assault on her family's property.[1]

Funerary Incantations

Not much is known about the funerary incantations found within the book, although they are most likely used to help the spirits of the deceased move on to another plane of existence.



The "Hero From The Sky" prophecy, as depicted in the Necronomicon (Evil Dead II).

Through means unknown, The Dark Ones received visions of the future (or futures that could be). These visions were written down in the Necronomicon, some including detailed drawings (such as the "Hero From The Sky" prophecy).[1]

A Guide To Demons

Besides containing various spells and incantations, the book also doubles as a guide on various demons, their powers, and how to summon them.[22]


Even without the Kandarian Demon, the Necronomicon had the power to revive the dead as both Deadites and their former human selves. The grandest demonstration of this ability came from the copy of the Ex-Mortis of Earth-2149, which raised a massive legion of Deadites to battle the undead super-humans closing in on it's location.[23] The inverse of this power, the ability to resurrect an individual back to a normal human form, occurred on Earth-818793, where it revived the fallen brother of Sheila.[24]

Potion Brewing Instructions

Very little is known about this aspect of the book, though the Wise Man of 1300 AD used this chapter to create a potion which would allow Ash Williams to return to his proper time.[13]

Reality Warping

A power first seen on Earth-818793, Ash Williams used his blood on a blank page of the Ex-Mortis to "reset" reality to prevent a Deadite apocalypse from occurring in the first place.[25] Such an ability could only be activated by The Chosen One while they were alive, as their "dead blood" was useless.

Power Transference & Human Hosts

In the "prime" universe, Pablo Simon Bolivar was briefly possessed by the spirit of the Necronomicon, turning him into the "Ore Magnus Necronomicon".[26][6] Though Bolivar was soon released of the book's control, the tome had left both a spiritual and physical imprint upon him, which resulted in horrific visions and incantations from the book appearing as tattoos on his skin.[27][28] While the book itself offered to release Pablo from this "curse", such a deal did not last, and Bolivar was plagued by his bond to the book for many more months.

In another reality, Adolf Hitler had hundreds of spells and passages from the Necronomicon tattooed on his body, which later allowed him to harness the book's powers to the point of near-invincibility. Parts of Hitler's body which were not marked with incantations (such as his head and groin area) were left vulnerable, a weakness exploited by the simulacrum Ash Williams during his confrontation with the resurrected dictator in Hell.[29]

On Earth-818793, a janitor named Deuce Bellcamp had several passages and incantations from the book tattooed on his body (including a replica of the book's "Hero From The Sky" page), though this did not gift him with any unique powers or abilities like the aforementioned subjects.[30]

In one alternate reality, the soul of the book could possess (albeit temporarily) those who had some familiarity with the dark arts, such as Mediums and Psychics.[31]

Living Creature Absorption


The book takes on the characteristics of a scorpion (Shop 'Till You Drop Dead #1)

A characteristic seemingly exclusive to the Earth-818793 version of the book, the Necronomicon demonstrated the ability to absorb physical traits of small creatures it trapped within it's pages. After having been left in the sands of Egypt by Ash Williams, the book was in the path of a coming scorpion, who was then squished inside when the Ex-Mortis snapped itself shut. The Necronomicon then took on the characteristics of the scorpion, such as tiny legs, a tail, and two large pincers, and eventually crawled it's way back to civilization.[32]


Various versions of the Necronomicon found across the multiverse are capable of speech.[33][26][31][23]

Supernatural Sense Concealment

As the Necronomicon is a tome of unfathomable power, it has become sought after by both man and demon alike. Supernatural entities seem to be drawn to the book by sensing the dark magic radiating from it's pages, which has made it easier to track in the world of the living. In the "prime" universe, the Dark One known as Ruby developed at least two known methods which would conceal the "smell" of the Necronomicon from demons other than herself, including a "masking" spell, or by simply hiding it within a corpse.[20][27]

Evil Contaminated Blood

On Earth-818793, the anthropomorphic book was capable of crying "evil-infected" blood, which could turn creatures who touched it into Deadites. While the first instance of this only resurrected the deceased Lord Arthur, Henry The Red, and Sheila's brother,[24] a later large-scale demonstration of this ability turned the entire town of Mountain Springs, Colorado into Deadites after infecting the city's water supply with the book's blood.[34]

Image Manipulation

In one reality, the book could manipulate it's blood inked pages to reconfigure into a new image, even when said pages had been torn out of the Ex-Mortis itself.[35]

Creator Bond

In the "prime" universe, the book seemed to have a slight psychic bond with it's creator, Ruby. The Dark One was able to sense when the book had been opened and used, and even sense when the book was tossed into a portal to Hell.[22][5]

Destruction Methods

There is conflicting information in regards to methods of destroying the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, as it seems to vary from copy to copy and universe to universe. In the "prime" reality, the copy found by Ash Williams in the Knowby cabin was initially thought to have been destroyed after being throwing into the fireplace,[15] though Williams himself would later tell Pablo Simon Bolivar that it was impervious to fire.[36] Later, the book was "de-faced" by it's author Ruby using the Kandarian Dagger,[26] and after that, Pablo would be seen almost completely destroying the cover using a shard of glass.[5] Another source stated that while the cover of the book could be destroyed, the pages themselves could not.[37]


The Ash Williams of Earth-818793 attempts to destroy the Necronomicon using a chainsaw (Hellbillies And Deadnecks #14)

On Earth-818793, two different copies of the book were destroyed with a simple shotgun blast from Ash Williams,[38][39] while the cover of another edition also found in that reality demonstrated great resistance to direct contact with a spinning chainsaw blade.[40] This aforementioned copy would later crumble to dust following the apocalypse unleashed by Hell's Prophet, as all of the monstrosities and dark magic held within it's pages had been finally unleashed upon the Earth.[41]

In another reality, Annie Knowby was seen destroying the book with fire, although this particular scenario was nothing more than a "simulation" created by The Dark Ones to test humanity.[42]

One alternate universe depicted the Necronomicon being destroyed via contact with an artifact called the Ankh Amulet.[43]

Variant Incarnations

The Graveyard Books


Ash Williams finds three books in the graveyard (Army of Darkness)

The first known duplicates of the Necronomicon appeared in a graveyard in England during the 14th Century.[13] Placed upon a large stone altar, these copies were designed to protect the real version from those who sought the Ex-Mortis and its knowledge. On Earth-818793, it was said that the books were bound to the cemetery grounds by a curse, which could only be removed by a massive disruption in the space-time continuum and the very nature of magic itself.[44] Another universe's version of Evil Ash later acquired these two books in the 21st Century, explaining that their contents more or less matched the real Necronomicon when combined.[45]

While many realities depict only two copies as being present in the graveyard, one world featured as many as six duplicates resting on the altar.[46]

Alex Eldridge's Necronomicon

In one reality, a former associate of Raymond Knowby named Alex Eldridge wrote and published a faux translation of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis in the early 2000s. Simply titled Necronomicon, the book became a best-seller with the public at large and supernatural and occult enthusiast. This book's most vocal critic was this universe's Ash Williams, who once stated that Eldridge "wouldn't know the real Necronomicon from a roll of extra-fluffy two-ply."[47]

Latin Necronomicon

On Earth-818793, a Latin translation of the Necronomicon was written by "Mad Arab" Abdul Alhazred. Not much is known about this version of the book, except it contained a prophecy that the world was going to end in the year 2012 AD. This version of the book eventually fell into the possession of Herbert West, who then gave the book to Ash Williams upon finding him in Las Vegas, Nevada.[48]

Necronomicon Ho-Tep

The Necronomicon Ho-Tep, while described as a "Book of Souls", was a large tablet created in ancient Egypt which allowed it's owner to control the dead. Written by a mysterious figure that would one day be known as "Bubba Ho-Tep", it was stained with the blood of Ho-Tep's enemies, which allowed him control over the victim's immortal soul.[49]


A comic book iteration of the Book of The Dead was said to have been the creation of a deranged indie comic artist, who claimed that voices of spirits from beyond were guiding his thoughts and hands as he worked. Unlike the real Necronomicon, this version was not inked in blood or human flesh, but contained many of the same passages found within the original. While it is unclear how many copies of Necro-Comic-Con were made, at least one is known to exist, as it eventually ended up in the possession of then-newly elected President Barack Obama while he was visiting a Detroit comic convention. After skimming through the comic's pages and finding it too strange for his taste, the President destroyed the book by tossing it in a roaring fireplace in the White House.[50]

Digital Variations

In the year 2150 AD (a possible future of Earth-818793), the Necronomicon had been digitized and turned into a restricted computer program hidden away in the "under city" of the technologically advanced Deca City One. Ash Williams ventured into the under city to find the Necronomicon program in order to return to the 21st Century, and failed to enter the correct password ("KLA2 VER@A NIK2") in the required time-frame. Williams was pulled into the Necronomicon's digital realm, and battled against the digitized spirit of his doppelganger which lingered inside.[51][38]

In another reality, the dark magic of the book had adapted to a futuristic society and taken the form of a malware program called the "NEKR0NOMICON", capable of infecting both cybernetic and organic components of Pathweb users. The Ash Williams of this time instantly recognized the file as a virus, but was too late to save his girlfriend Linda from opening the program and infecting both her digital avatar and her physical body. Williams encountered an elderly hacker going by the title of "The Orakle", who informed him that the effects of the NEKR0NOMICON could be undone by logging into the program in the physical world and entering a three-word password which would wipe the infected servers clean.[52]

Necronomicon Ex-Libris

The Necronomicon Ex-Libris (or "Libram of The Dead") was the name given to a "completed" and expanded copy of the Ex-Mortis on Earth-818793 in the possession of an unnamed Red Demon. This demon, who claimed to have written the original book, studied the newly created prophecies in order to destroy The Chosen One and help bring The Dark Ones back to the world of the living permanently.[53] This incarnation of the book was erased from existence when Ash Williams grabbed the Ex-Libris and used his blood to alter reality and save humanity from the Deadite apocalypse.[25]


The Mininomicon (also known as the Micronomicon) was a perfect copy of the primary Neconomicon of Earth-818793, except at a much smaller scale. This version of the book was gifted to the Mini-Ashes which emerged from the mirror in the windmill of 1300 AD. While it is believed that each Mini-Ash had his own unique copy hidden in their satchels, only one was smart enough to utilize the book: a Mini-Ash which had been dubbed "Ash-It". Using this book's power, Ash-It went back in time and conquered the kingdom of the Fairies, only to be stopped by his much larger counterpart several weeks into his reign.[54]


The Evil Dead

Evil Dead II

Army of Darkness

Ash vs Evil Dead

Video Games

Evil Dead: Hail To The King

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Evil Dead: The Game


Comic Books




  • The Necronomicon was originally created by H.P. Lovecraft and was first briefly mentioned in his 1924 short story The Hound, and continued to appear in other stories, but it was later given its own short story in 1927 titled: History of the Necronomicon.
  • As the result of production on The Evil Dead going longer than expected and the film's budget running out, special effects artist Tom Sullivan negotiated a deal with Sam Raimi to continue to work on the film if he could retain the copyright to any props and artwork he created for the film. Raimi agreed, and Sullivan retained ownership of his Book of The Dead designs (both the covers and interior page art) seen in the first and second films. Sullivan eventually lost ownership of the copyright in the mid-2010s, which has since allowed various sub-licensors to use his art and designs in officially licensed merchandise without crediting him.
    • In 2005, Sullivan wrote a four-issue comic for Dead Dog Comics entitled Tom Sullivan's Books of The Dead: Devilhead, which utilized the artwork he created for the books seen in The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II. Dead Dog Comics would close in early 2006, leaving two completed issues unreleased.
    • For the 2002, 2005, and 2012 "Book of The Dead" limited edition DVD packaging of The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness, Sullivan re-created many of the pages seen in the films, as well as created new illustrations based on scenes from the respective movies. One noticeable change between screen-used books and the DVD replicas is the text seen on each page, which featured hidden messages written in Sullivan's own "bullscrit" font.
  • In the original script of The Evil Dead, Professor Knowby's recording revealed that the book discovered in the ruins of "Ca'n Dar" was only one volume in a series of six books detailing Sumerian burial practices and rites, and "Naturan Demanto" was the volume (given only to sacred high priests of the Ca'n Dar tribe) that specifically detailed demons and demon resurrection. This information was ultimately scrapped for the final film.
    • The first draft of Evil Dead II later revisited the idea of the book being one in a series, cutting down the number of volumes to two (calling them "Nosfero Demanto, The Books of The Dead"). One book contained "good" magic, and the other contained evil spells. The separate "good" book was scrapped in favor of the "missing pages" brought by Annie Knowby and Ed Getley in the final film. The second draft of the Evil Dead II script re-titled the book as "Nosfero Ex Mortes, The Book of The Evil Dead".
  • Outside the Evil Dead franchise, the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (based on it's appearance in Evil Dead II) makes a cameo in the 1993 horror film Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, the 1994 film Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings, as well as in the Season 9 episode of The Walking Dead television series entitled What Comes After in 2018.
    • A 2021 episode of the Creepshow television series entitled Public Television Of The Dead includes many homages to the Evil Dead franchise, and features a version of the Necronomicon inspired by it's appearance in Evil Dead II. The episode was directed by Evil Dead II special effects artist Greg Nicotero, who asked for and received Sam Raimi's approval of the script before production on the episode began.


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