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I hate to interrupt your beauty sleep, lady. Let's not kid ourselves, you need a few million more winks to make a dent in that grill.
~ Ash Williams, upon seeing the Necromancer Queen

The Necromancer Queen, or sometimes shortened to just "The Queen", was a large demon skilled in sorcery, specifically necromancy (as her name implied).

The Necromancer Queen's first (and only) appearance was in the 2005 video game Evil Dead Regeneration as the second boss of the game. She was voiced by Debi Mae West.


Early Life

Almost nothing is known about the early life of the Necromancer Queen, though it is known that at some point her "sleeping" body ended up deep in the catacombs of a cemetery in Michigan.

Encounter With Ash Williams

Shortly after passing through a Soul Eater, Ash Williams and the half-Deadite half-Human Sam made their way into the catacomb chamber where the Necromancer Queen was laid to rest. Behind the tomb where the Queen's body was a large portal, responsible for unleashing Deadite spirits into the world of the living. Ash and Sam watched as one of these spirits emerged from the portal and flew into the Queen's tomb, awaking her from her slumber. Williams, upon realizing that the Queen was going to put up a fight, prepared for battle by drawing his shotgun, ready for the Queen's first move.

The three would engage in battle for several minutes, with Ash and Sam coming out victorious in the end. After the Queen fell over dead, Sam (somewhat skilled in sorcery himself) began reciting a spell that would close the portal the Queen once guarded. The spirit that had resurrected the Queen emerged from her body and possessed Ash Williams, temporarily turning him into a Deadite, though Williams was able to quickly subdue the evil within him.

Powers & Abilities

  • Necromancy: During her confrontation with Ash and Sam, the Queen would periodically raise the dead to aid her in her battle.
  • Skull Projectiles: Another ability demonstrated during the fight with Ash Williams was the conjuring of screaming skull projectiles she threw from atop her tomb.
  • Shock-Waves: The Queen occasionally sent out several green shockwaves across the ground where Ash and Sam stood below her.
  • Energy Absorption: At several points during her fight with Ash, the Queen reached down and extracted energy from a strange green-glowing fountain that surrounded her tomb. Presumably this "recharged" her powers, or enhanced them in some way.
  • Spike Summoning: One of the Queen's first attacks on Ash and Sam involved the summoning of dozens of spikes that quickly emerged from underground. The spikes appeared to be made of either stone or a bone-like material.


Despite being massive in size and powerful in magic, the Necromancer Queen was fairly weak, as Ash Williams was able to kill her using various firearms such as his shotgun or pistol.


A drawing of the Necromancer Queen in Professor Knowby's notes (Evil Dead Regeneration)

  • The Queen makes an appearance on one of Raymond Knowby's notes that was in the possession of Sally Bowline.