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My Name Is Bruce is a 2007 American comedy film, directed, co-produced by and starring B-movie cult actor Bruce Campbell. The story involves Bruce Campbell (playing a snobby parody of himself) being kidnapped by a super-fan of Campbell who needs his help to stop Guan-Di, the Chinese god of the dead (and bean curd) whom he accidentally released upon his small hometown of Gold Lick, Oregon.

References to The Evil Dead series

Since the film is about Bruce Campbell and his career in both television and movies, it makes sense that there are references to the horror series that launched his film career. Here is a short list of just a few of the major references.

  • Bruce is mistaken for being a hero who has no fear of danger and demons, much like his character Ash Williams.
  • Bruce Campbell mega-fan Jeff has posters for all three Evil Dead films, video games, and prop replicas in his room.
  • Before Bruce goes off to fight Guan-Di for the first time, Jeff gives him a custom made silver chainsaw for Bruce to use, but Bruce tells him that at the end of the day, it's too heavy and leaves it behind.
  • Bruce's fictional ex-wife, Cheryl, is played by Ellen Sandweiss, who played Ash's sister Cheryl Williams in The Evil Dead.
  • Timothy Patrick Quill, who played the Blacksmith in Army of Darkness, plays a resident of Gold Lick.
  • Dan Hicks, who played Jake in Evil Dead II, appears as a resident of Gold Lick and the lover of Timothy Patrick Quill's character.
  • Ted Raimi, younger brother of Sam and Ivan Raimi, who played Deadite Henrietta in Evil Dead II, plays three different rolls in the film.
  • When Bruce is asked what type of gun he prefers, he covers his mouth and coughs and mumbles, similar to how Ash forgets the word "Nicto" in Army of Darkness and coughs to cover up the fact he forgot the last word.
  • When Jeff's mother, Kelly, is burning Bruce Campbell related merchandise at Jeff's request, Bruce begs her not to throw a limited edition Army of Darkness Ash figure into the fire.
  • When Bruce flirts with Jeff's mother, he tells her that later she can play with his Boomstick.
  • Bruce takes a shower with a bottle of Evil Dead shampoo, which is later revealed to be drain cleaner.