Mr. Maxwell is the husband of Suzy Maxwell and Kelly's father. He is played by Phil Peleton. He is first seen in the debut episode of the show, El Jefe.


Almost nothing is revealed about him during his short on screen time in the series. He makes a brief face-time call to his daughter that ends up being cut off when a seemingly deadite creature enters his house.

Kelly rushes towards him, trying to warn his dad. When Ash and Pablo catches up to her she informs them that her mother, Suzy has returned to them even though she died in a car prior to the start of the show. The reunited family then have an awkward dinner with Ash and Pablo. Ash obviously knows that Suzy is not real, but a deadite.

When Suzy finally shows her true colour, she dispatches her unsuspecting husband. Ash kills Suzy minutes later and the trio quickly bury the couple in a hastily made grave.

A few hours later Ruby arrives to the abandoned house. She dugs up Mr. Maxwell who is now a deadite too and questions him. When she got what she wanted from him she puts the poor soul out of his misery one last time.


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