The Following is a list of what is considered official Canon and the timeline considering the expanded universe.


This is information given by the movie and television series that is considered official and therefore, part of the official canon and thus being the main continuity, anything else is a part of expanded universe and is not canon unless stated so by the proper sources. Some elements presented in the films (such as in-universe claims that the cabin is located in Tennessee, Ash's arrival in the middle ages in Evil Dead II, and parts of the recap sequences from Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness) have been removed from canon with the release of Ash vs Evil Dead. Specific "non-canon" events will be mentioned with the corresponding film.

  • The Evil Dead
    • Ash statement that the cabin was located in Tennessee was deemed non-canon by Ash vs Evil Dead.
    • Scotty's statement that the cabin was a rental was deemed non-canon by Evil Dead II and Ash vs Evil Dead.
  • Evil Dead II
    • The sign on the side of Jake's truck once again claims that the film took place in Tennessee. Once again, this claim was removed from canon by Ash vs Evil Dead.
    • The opening recap depicting Ash and Linda as the only visitors to the cabin was clarified to be non-canon with Ash vs Evil Dead directly stating that Ash and his four friends all making the trip. (however a line in Season 2, where Ash first looks for Necronomicon on the desk, but wonders if he actually found it in the basement, might be a reference to location of the book in both Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness flashbacks which only show him studying the book at the desk vs. its actual location in Evil Dead)
    • The closing sequence with Ash being worshipped by the knights and shooting the winged Deadite were removed from canon by Army of Darkness.
  • Army of Darkness (Director's Cut/Deleted Scenes & "S-Mart" Ending)
    • The opening recap sequence once again depicting Ash and Linda as the only visitors to the cabin were deemed non-canon by Ash vs Evil Dead. The only part of this recap remaining canon is the flashback showing Ash and Linda working at S-Mart prior to going to the cabin.
    • The "Apocalypse" ending released in the "International Theatrical Release" version was shown to be non-canon by Ash vs Evil Dead (or happened in an alternate reality, as implied in Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness).
  • Ash vs Evil Dead
    • For legal reasons, the events of Army of Darkness could not be mentioned in Ash vs Evil Dead (season 1), although it had been confirmed by cast and crew that the events depicted in "Army" are canon.
    • In Season 2 Ash mentions he had once traveled back to medieval times, before attempting to time travel back in time to 1982.
    • In Season 3, a flashback is shown taken from Evil Dead II of Ash being sent back in time through the rift, and being found by the knights.
    • The blood drawing of Ash in the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis shows Ash standing outside the castle from the movie.

Expanded Universe

The Following is a list of stories that take place in alternate timelines, isolated from the main canon timeline.

Reboot Timeline

Video Game Timeline 1

These two games follow the main continuity after Army of Darkness, but separates from the continuity eight years after "Army", making Ash vs Evil Dead non-canon in this timeline.

Video Game Timeline 2

Earth-818793 (Original Dynamite Comics Timeline)

Ash & The Army of Darkness Timeline (Dynamite Comics)

Space Goat's Evil Dead 2 Comics Timeline

Self Contained Timelines (Films, Dark Horse, Dynamite, & Space Goat)

Other Timelines