Army of Darkness: Montezuma's Revenge is a one-shot story in issue 18 of Dynamite Comics second volume of Army of Darkness comics.


The story begins in Juarez, Mexico on November 2nd, which is the Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos), and an elderly man tells a group of children a story about spirits communicating with the living: College students looking to get extra credit for their World History class by participating in an archaeological dig by "The Buttocks of the Gods", but their journey to a cave that leads into The Buttocks is interrupted by a "Crazy Man" who warns them that those who enter upset dark forces that have been asleep for centuries. Disregarding the Crazy Man's warning, the group goes into the cave and awake Montezuma by a going into a pool of water, causing him to return. The Crazy Man quickly summons the only person who can stop Montezuma's terror: The Chosen One, a.k.a. Ash Williams. Using his Chainsaw and Boomstick, Ash disposes of giant scorpions sent to stop him and the college students from interrupting a human sacrifice of one of the students. They arrive in time and Ash blows off Montezuma's head with his trusty Boomstick. Back in the present, the children ask the old man (who is revealed to be the little boy who was a cave guide for the college students) what happens to everyone after the story ends, but the old man tells them that's a story for another day.


  • Montezuma returned to Army of Darkness comics in issues #11-13 in Army of Darkness Volume 3 to get his revenge on Ash Williams.

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