A gauntlet

Ash tries out his new hand (Army of Darkness).

Ash Williams, after constructing the mechanical gauntlet.

The Mechanical Gauntlet first appeared in Army of Darkness, and was made by Ash to replace his right hand. It was once a piece of armor, and Ash with help from the Blacksmith, added gears, wires and such from Ash's Oldsmobile, transforming the gauntlet into a mechanical prosthetic hand which Ash could freely use like a real hand. It is very powerful, as seen in Army Of Darkness, when it is used to crush an iron goblet. It can be detached from his right arm and be replaced with other  Weapons, such as the Chainsaw.

At some point between the past 30 years, Ash either stopped using, destroyed, or lost the gauntlet and replaced it with a simple wooden hand, however when this wooden hand is lost Ash starts to use a brand new hand made by Pablo Simon Bolivar that, like the metal gauntlet, allowed Ash to have a right hand again. 

Outside of Army of DarknessEdit

The Gauntlet appears in almost all of Ash's adventures outside of the Movies, except for the Video Games (though it technically appeared, concealed by a glove). In the Army of Darkness comics, the fist of the Gauntlet can be fired like a missile from Ash's arm (as seen in Army of Darkness Vol. 3), which is useful for long range attacks. In the Ashes 2 Ashes limited series, when trying to save himself and The Wiseman from sinking into quicksand, Ash takes a piece of rope and ties it around his Gauntlet fist and them proceeds to launch it at a tree branch, making it a makeshift grappling hook. The gauntlet is apparently strong enough to block a blast from a shotgun and easily bend the barrel, as seen in Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash. Also in the Hack/Slash crossover, it was revealed that the individual fingers could be fired like bullets.

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