Melissa, the engaged hiker is a minor character first introduced in first season of Ash vs Evil Dead. She is the wife of Brad and they are hiking through America with their friend, Heather. She is played by Indiana Evans.


Brad, Heather and her first appear when they are travelling around in the forest, seemingly lost. They come across Kelly and Pablo and are terrified of them at first due the two carry guns. The backpackers then show Pablo and Kelly the way to the Cabin that they came across. The three travellers then part ways with Pablo and Kelly, but later they return to the Cabin. Brad admits being lost and asks for Ash's help as they want to spend the night at the cabin as they are tired to move on. Ash refuses that idea and instead tell Pablo and Kelly to accompany the hikers and guide them out of the woods so that they won't end up dead.

Unfortunately for them, deadite Amanda finds the group and easily dispatches Melissa and her fiance, Brad. She uses their bodies as puppets to mock the two Ghostbeaters, but a few moments later she drops the corpses to the ground. As for Heather, she survives by being protected by Pablo and Kelly.


Ash vs Evil Dead Season One


  • Though she is credited as engaged hiker, her real name is revealed to be Melissa.
  • She, Heather and Brad are the first non american characters introduced to the show. From their accent, they are obviously from Australia.
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