Skinless Demon (1)

Meat Puppets are the skinned victims of Baal brought back as Deadite-like creatures. The Meat Puppets have black eyes instead of white but otherwise function the same as Deadites in terms of abilities with the exception being that these demons are able to still be combat effective even after decapitation, whereas Deadites can be killed by simple decapitation even though complete bodily dismemberment is usually required.

Unlike Deadites, they lack the comedic personalities or indeed any sense of a personality, instead being completely focused on killing.

After Baal escapes from hell, he kills deputy Marjorie and wears her skin, and later another deputy, after this a body later comes back and attacks the Sheriff Station, killing the prostitute Joanie. Ash kills the Meat Puppet with his chainsaw after Ruby decapitates it with Ash's shotgun.

Powers and Abilities

Meat Puppets possess similar powers to Deadites such as super-human strength, agility and durability with one such Demon continuing its attack even after its been decapitated.

  • Super-Strength: The Meat Puppet was able to easily rip Joanie's arm off and overpower Ash.
  • Super-Durabilty: The Meat Puppet was able to continue attacking even after having her head blown off by Ruby.


  • Since the demons come from Baal's skinned victims, there is likely one more left as another deputy was killed and Baal had worn her skin as well.


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