Little Lori is a plastic toy that made it's first appearance in Ash vs Evil Dead Season One. The doll comes to living and fights Ash in the debut episode of the series, El Jefe. The toy is voiced by Bridget Hoffman.


Little Lori comes to life right after Ash enters the storage area of ValueStop. After a brief, but painful fight the demon doll is put down by Pablo. He crushes it with a shovel, rescuing Ash in a nick of time.

Little Lori is later seen in a vision by Ash. When he takes some drug in order to find his spiritual self he ends up in a dream equivalent of the ValueStop and recognizes Little Lori there.



  • Little Lori is voiced by Bridget Hoffman, who previously worked on Army of Darkness as an extra. She also appeared on the promotional poster for the original The Evil Dead.
  • Little Lori is the Evil Dead version of the famous movie doll, Chucky. She is a nod to that character.
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