The book itself is harmless, unless wielded by someone very evil or someone very stupid.
— Lionel (to Ash about the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis)

Lionel Hawkins was the owner of the store Books from Beyond, where Ash went years ago looking for help about the Necronomicon.


Ash, Pablo and Kelly come to him for help in translating the Necronomicon. Lionel manages to translate some passages of the book and they learn that it opens a passage to Hell. Unfortunately Lionel is unable to read the rest, so Ash has him summon a knowledgeable, albeit weak, demon called Eligos, to translate the rest of the book but despite being called the weakest, the demon easily incapacitates Ash and Pablo and kills Lionel, as he's the only one capable of reading the passage from the book needed to vanquish the demon back to hell.

Lionel later revives as a Deadite and attacks a nearby Amanda who, after having tracked the group to the store, was left by Ash handcuffed to a bookshelf, but is defeated by Ruby Knowby, who also tracked Ash to the store.


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