Linda was the girlfriend of Ash Williams. She became a Deadite when her and Ash took a trip to a cabin in the woods. She first appeared in Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn #2 in a flashback.


Events At The Cabin

Like her film counterpart, she was attacked by the Kandarian Demon and became a Deadite. When this Deadite Linda attacked Ash during the first night at the cabin, he managed to decapitate her with a shovel. During the second night, Linda returned as a living decapitated head and attacked Ash, biting his hand. Ash managed to kill Linda once and for all when he put her head in a vice and cut it in half with a chainsaw.


  • Linda's first (and as of 2017, only) appearance in the Evil Dead 2 comics has Linda's head attacking Ash with her long snake-like tounge. This is based off a deleted scene in the Evil Dead 2 film where her severed head falls into Ash's lap and she sticks her tongue into Ash's mouth.
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