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Linda unboxes her gift (The Evil Dead)

I love it, Ash.
Linda, after receiving her necklace (Evil Dead II)

During the first night at the cabin, Ash Williams gave his girlfriend Linda a small silver necklace with a magnifying glass insert.

Linda's Necklace first appeared in the 1981 film The Evil Dead.


Shortly before their fateful trip to the Knowby's cabin, Ash Williams purchased the necklace to give to Linda during their trip. One account claimed that Ash had purchased the necklace for $12.50 from S-Mart (his and Linda's place of work).

At The Cabin

After the possession of his sister Cheryl Williams, in a peaceful moment before the forces of evil truly began their attack, Ash gave Linda the necklace. Following Linda's possession, Ash would periodically look at the necklace throughout the night, eventually picking it up as he was burying the Deadite Linda in her grave. As the night turned to morning, the necklace ended up saving Ash's life as he was getting cornered by Deadites in the main room of the cabin. Ash used the necklace to pull the just-out-of-reach Necronomicon Ex-Mortis into his hand and tossed it into the nearby lit fireplace, stopping his Deadite friends in their tracks.

The necklace would end up saving Ash's life once again, this time helping him break free of his own Deadite possession after being reminded of the love he lost the previous night. After this, Ash slipped the necklace in his pocket. Though never seen, it was presumably on his person during his time in 1300 AD.

30 Years Later

More than 30 years after it's purchase, Ash gave the necklace to his daughter Brandy Barr in what was being described as "the end of the world". As the two made their way back into the heart of the town of Elk Grove (sneaking through the sewer system), Ash pulled the necklace out of his pocket and explained to Brandy that he had come to view the necklace as a good luck charm, protecting him from the evil he was constantly fighting.

In Other Media


Art from Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game

Comic Books

  • Linda's Necklace appears in Dark Horse's 2008 re-imagining of The Evil Dead.

Board Games


  • The original necklace seen in The Evil Dead was purchased at Cory's Jewelry Box in Michigan. During production, the necklace was misplaced, and a gold substitute was quickly purchased and painted silver.
  • The necklace's original purpose in the climax of The Evil Dead was for the morning sun to come in through the cabin's window, shine through the glass insert and set the Book of The Dead on fire from across the room. This was cut due to production complications.
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