Lexx is a character who appears briefly in the final episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead, namely The Mettle of Man. She is played by Jessica Green.


Early life

At some point in her life, Lexx was cybernetically modified as both her arms are artificial, as well as her spine. The latter can be seen through the transparent "skin" around her waist.


After Ash wakes up from his fight against Kandar, he finds himself in an isolated bunker. He is soon greeted by Lexx, who salutes to him and swears herself to Ash, revealing that she is a Knight of Sumeria. Lexx tells Ash that he is in the future and the Dark Ones are still at large. She then gives Ash the keys to the Deathcoaster which had somehow ended up in the bunker and the two proceed to search for the Dark Ones and possibly Ash's daughter, Brandy.


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