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Lem was Ash's old friend and a member of Crosby's Militia. He first appeared in Ash vs. Evil Dead Season One. He is played by Peter Feeney.

Lem breathes fire at Ash & Amanda.


Lem meets Ash and his gang by accident in the Western Moose Diner. Lem asks Ash if he is still working at ValueStop, because he needs to buy some equipment. The two seem to have a common history and they go way back, but their past is never revealed. At somewhere in his life, Lem became a militant and started to develop an interest towards guns. Ash turns the conversation around when he tells Lem that he doesn't work at the store anymore, but he needs Lem's weapons and supplies. They agree on going to the militant camp together, but Amanda shows up and arrests Ash. As it usually happens with Ash, evil has been following him and finds him in the diner soon after his untimely arrest. The mysterious force assaults the place, killing or possessing almost everyone in it. Lem escapes, running away and leaving the survivors to fend for themselves. Later in the episode he is shown to be running away from the Kandarian Demon, but he trembles and falls to the ground, giving the evil demon just enough time to catch him and turn him into a deadite.

In Fire In The Hole Lem is now completely turned into a zombie. He attacks his former friends and group in the local militia group. He takes down several of the soldiers, but they manage to capture him and lock him inside their underground bunker. Later on, they push Ash and Amanda there too. The duo fight Lem and ultimately they defeat him, putting an axe into his skull.


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