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Army of Darkness: King For A Day is the 13th issue in Dynamite Comics second Volume of Army of Darkness comics. The story picks up immediately after the Home Sweet Hell story-arc.


Ash and Sheila fall from the sky and arrive back in 1300 AD, where they are greeted by The Wise Man, who tells them that The Necronomicon told of their return. When Ash and Sheila walk into the castle, they find that its inhabitants are injured and starving, and The Wise Man says that The Necronomicon woke up more dead than just the ones in the graveyard that Bad Ash led, and since then a war against the Deadites was fought for over a year, with both Lord Arthur and Henry The Red falling in battle. But before they died, they declared Ash a royal knight, making him The King if they did die. As his first act as king, Ash asked Sheila if she would marry him (while standing over her dead brother's grave), and she agrees. The Necronomicon, set down onto of the graves, begins to cry blood, causing the dead knights (including Arthur and Henry) to rise again. That night, the Deadites attack Ash and Sheila in their bedroom. As Sheila's Deadite brother goes to attack her, she begs him not to harm her, and sure enough, he turns and kills the Deadite Arthur and Henry, and thanks Ash for including him when he asked for Sheila's hand in marriage. The next morning, The Wiseman tells Ash that if Sheila was to stay with him and battle the Deadites, she would die and pay the price for loving The Chosen One. Ash figures that someone needs to stay behind and watch over Sheila, so he forces the book to fully resurrect her brother as a normal human. He tells her the situation and heads off to a cave to once again sleep and wait to wake up in his own time. As Ash dozed off, he hoped his rest would be peaceful for once, not filled with the nightmares of the things he's seen and done, but with dreams of the love he left behind.

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