Why do I always have to save my own ass?!
— Kiko Nam

Kiko Nam is a demon fighter, traveling across time and space to see that the forces of evil are defeated. She first appeared in the Camp Deserted story in Space Goat's Evil Dead 2: Tales of The Ex-Mortis #1 comic.


Early Life

Not much is known about Nam's early adventures, except at some point, she acquired the Kandarian Dagger.

Wolf Hole, Arizona (Say Your Prayers)

During a trip to 1882, Nam journeyed to the town of Wolf Hole, Arizona, to battle a corrupt priest who had gotten his hands on a copy of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Too late to stop the priest from unleashing Deadites on the town, Nam enlisted the help of three outlaws to help her destroy the dead running through the town. While fighting through the local saloon, she met a hooker named Maddy, who had managed to hide from the Deadites. The five humans then confronted the priest with the Ex-Mortis in the town's dirt street. While the outlaws and Maddy distracted the priest, Kiko managed to stab him with the Kandarian Dagger, killing him instantly. As Nam and the outlaws were getting ready to leave Wolf Hole, she unofficially named Maddy (the last human resident) the new sheriff.

After leaving Wolf Hole, Kiko and the outlaws found themselves at a river. With no place to go, the outlaws corned Kiko and informed her that since she was a wanted woman, they were going to kill her and collect the bounty. Before anyone could shoot, Kiko was rescued by her future self, who had just come from battling evil at Camp Witchee-Waki.

Events At Camp Witchee-Waki (Camp Deserted)

Sometime after the events in Wolf Hole, Kiko posed as a camp counselor at Camp Witchee-Waki, where a copy of the Necronomicon had accidently been delivered from a donation truck. After one of the counselors read from the book's pages, Kiko jumped into action to stop the Deadite counselors and staff from harming anyone else. While fighting a possessed tree, Nam had one of the last human counselors open up a rift in time and space with a page from the Necronomicon. Kiko was sucked into the time portal, where she saved her past self from the outlaws in Arizona.


  • It her two appearances, it is never directly stated how exactly Kiko travels through time, although it's possible she uses the time-travel spell written of in the Necronomicon.
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